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What is Superthread?

Superthread allows users to manage tasks and documents using cards, different views and collaboration. Simple create a document, collaborate in real-time and create project or task cards to link to documents, this helps with creating sub-tasks or assigning team members to tasks. You can then click and drag to arrange cards for prioritisation.

Best Features of Superthread

Superthread is a tasks and documents app with everything in one place, here's some best features of Superthread.

  • Tasks and documents in one place, great for teams to access everything they need.
  • @mention to link pages and documents together for easier navigation.
  • Create cards to manage smaller tasks inside pages, and arrange cards accordingly.
  • Handles lots of tasks in one space using views like timeline and board view.

Who Uses Superthread?

Superthread is for diverse teams to manage tasks and documents in one familiar and collaborative space. In terms of pricing, you can use Superthread for free or upgrade to for around £8 per month to unlock unlimited abilities.

Tasks and Documents

A place for all tasks and documents to live together in one universal place so teams can collaborate and manage tasks.

Familiar Interface

Superthread has a familiar interface making it easy to get used to and navigate around.


Link tasks and documents inside pages to create a thread for teams to follow, and for ideas to be connected.

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Answering Questions on Superthread

What are Spaces in Superthread?

Spaces are where you keep all your tasks, cards and documents for each project, its basically where you organise everything.

You can use different views inside spaces and drag and drop tasks to rearrange. You can also create pages to hold documents and link to tasks inside documents.

What are Cards in Superthread?

Cards are used to organise tasks from inside pages and projects. Each card can contain relevant information such as due dates, priority and who is assigned to the task.

Can you attach files with Superthread?

Yes, you can attach relevant files to cards for team members to use to assist with tasks and projects, you can also attach completed files.

Can you prioritise tasks with Superthread?

Yes, you can click and drag cards or set high, medium or low priorities.

Can you use Superthread for solo use?

Yes, you can use Superthread to organise your own tasks and documents.

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