Simplenote is an efficient light note-taking application and a Bear alternative.

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Simplenote Review

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Simplenote is what it says on the tin, simple and notes. Let's unpack whether it is the right note-taking application for you and whether it meets the stamp of our approval.

Simplenote on Desktop, For Managing Simple Notes

What is Simplenote?

Simplenote is a simple note-taking app that allows you to take notes & make checklists.

What does Simplenote do?

Simplenote is owned and managed by the folks who make WordPress. They offer the service totally free and it does what it says on the tin to be honest, simple and notes.

Simplenote offers basic note-taking, with checklists, publish abilities, tagging of notes, sharing of internal links and even collaboration for notes - for both editing and viewing. This isn't too bad for the overall experience that is available on a range of devices including all desktop options (macOS, Windows, Linux) and all mobile access (iOS and Android).

Simplenote Best Features

Let's see some of the Simplenote app's best abilities & functions:

1. Markdown

Simplenote has markdown support for notes meaning you can write text and edit things like headings, use bold or italics and preview your text.

Simplenote Markdown

Markdown support isn't always essential for note-taking, however, it does provide another level to note-taking. Using Markdown support gives you a way of creating visually appealing text, you can create sections with headings, bold important text and publish notes. This can be switched on per note inside of the options in the top corner meaning it isn't something inside of every single note, great for those who aren't sold on markdown.

2. Checklists

Simplenote offers simple checklists that won't replace your to-do list app, but will offer a basic way to create lists. This perfectly combos with the feature for sharing a list, and allows you to collaborate on that said checklist with whoever co-edits the note with you.

Simplenote Checklistss

You can also pin important notes to the top, this just helps you remember anything you need for current tasks, or you can use your daily to-do list this way.

3. Collaborating

One of the greatest things about Simplenote is the ability to sync notes between all devices, including cross-platform. This means you can really access, write and edit your notes anywhere.

Simplenote Note Collaboration per Note

All notes on every device stay up to date in real time, you don't have to put in any extra work to make sure they're all synced, it happens automatically. You can also share notes with others and publish notes.

What are the disadvantages of Simplenote?

For a more intermediate note-taker, Simplenote lacks notebooks, folders, range of media editing and uploading of things like PDFs and more.

The major one being the lack of features - there's the basics, but nothing you'd expect in notes apps like Evernote, Obsidian and Reflect Notes. Obviously when you're getting this for free, with some good abilities, this isn't something to moan about.

Simplenote Pricing

Let's take a look at how much Simplenote costs and availability.

Simplenote Availability

How Much Does Simplenote Cost?

Simplenote is completely free.

You can sync all notes, share notes and backup notes all for free.

Is Simplenote completely free?

Simplenote is totally free. Your data is stored with the company called Automattic.

Simplenote Review: Final Thoughts

You cannot get annoyed at Simplenote in almost every way.

Simplenote Settings

Simplenote is free, offers good basic note-taking abilities, range of device support, markdown for those who want it and some advanced features thrown in for collaboration between notes. If you're in the hunt for a simple notes app with basic abilities, but doesn't charge you and does a few notable things, then Simplenote isn't a bad option at all.

You won't find any graph views, any power features or punches in Simplenote, but you can't really get angry with that with such a well explained app name. Simple, note.

Simplenote is a hidden, yet handy gem for basic note-takers out there.

Best Alternatives to Simplenote

The best alternatives to Simplenote include Bear Notes and UpNote.

Simplenote Availability

Simplenote is available on LinuxSimplenote is available on MacSimplenote is available on AndroidSimplenote is available on iOSSimplenote is available on WebSimplenote is available on Windows

Simplenote Features

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Questions about Simplenote

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Is Simplenote a good Bear alternative?

Although Simplenote may not provide the same formatting options as Bear, its simplicity, cross-platform accessibility, synchronisation capabilities, and collaborative features make it a viable alternative for users who prioritise a clean and intuitive note-taking experience.

Is Simplenote really a light note-taking app?

By eliminating unnecessary tools and features, Simplenote streamlines the note-taking process, making it effortless to create, edit, and organise your notes with ease.

Is Simple notes safe?

Yes, Simplenote values user privacy and takes measures to protect user data.

While note contents are stored and synced across devices, they are encrypted in transit and at rest. Simplenote also does not display advertisements or share user data with third parties, ensuring a more private note-taking experience.

Can I access my notes offline in Simplenote?

Simplenote allows you to access and edit your notes even without an internet connection. Any changes made offline will be automatically synced when you regain an internet connection, ensuring that your notes stay up to date across devices.

What is the difference between Evernote and Simplenote?

Evernote is an advanced note-taking app with tasks, calendars, and more advanced note-taking abilities. Simplenote is very basic and allows for markdown and note-editing.