What is Simplenote?

Simplenote is a lightweight note-taking application similar in many ways to tools like Bear Notes, it presents a light notes list with the ability to format text, pin notes and share too.

Simplenote is actually owned by WordPress meaning they've made it much more accessible, free for all users to get started with - which isn't bad bet for them.

It supports markdown and comes in many shapes and sizes on various platforms.

Key Features of Simplenote

These are the key features of Simplenote, the light note-taking app:

  • Simplenote offers a minimalist and clutter-free note-taking experience, focusing on the essential features without unnecessary complexity.
  • Simplenote is available on multiple platforms, including desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), web browsers, and mobile devices (iOS, Android), allowing users to access and sync their notes across different devices seamlessly.
  • Simplenote automatically syncs notes in real time, ensuring that changes made on one device are reflected on all other devices.
  • Allows users to organize their notes using tags, making it easy to categorise and locate specific notes based on topics, projects, or any preferred system.
  • The app provides powerful search functionality that allows users to find specific notes or keywords quickly. Users can also apply filters to refine their search results and locate the information they need efficiently.
  • Simplenote supports collaborative editing, enabling users to share notes with others and collaborate in real time.
  • Automatically saves the version history of notes, allowing users to view and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Simplenote supports Markdown, a lightweight markup language, allowing users to format their notes with headings, lists, emphasis, and other Markdown syntax.
  • Access and edit notes even without an internet connection. Changes made offline are synced when the device reconnects to the internet.
  • Values user privacy and employs encryption to protect user data. The app does not display advertisements or share user data with third parties.

Simplenote as a Bear Alternative

While Bear Notes offers advanced formatting options and a rich set of features, Simplenote stands out for its simplicity and cross-platform availability.

Here's why Simplenote can be a good alternative to Bear Notes because:

  • Simplicity - Simplenote focuses on providing a clean and clutter-free note-taking environment.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility - Similar to Bear Notes, Simplenote offers cross-platform availability. This ensures that users can access and sync their notes seamlessly across different devices, regardless of their preferred platform.
  • Synchronization and Collaboration - Simplenote excels in its synchronisation capabilities, automatically syncing notes in real time across devices.
  • Tagging and Organization - Simplenote offers tagging functionality, allowing users to categorize and organize their notes using tags.
  • Markdown Support - Like Bear Notes, Simplenote supports Markdown, a lightweight markup language.

Is Simplenote a Good Choice for Me?

If you are looking for a simple, light note-taking application, Simplenote can be a good choice. It's interface is easy to navigate and great for those starting out with note-taking.

It's good for beginners because it also provides features and tools to expand note-taking as you learn within the app.


The app focuses on providing a clean and clutter-free interface, allowing users to focus on their thoughts and ideas without distractions.


Simplenote syncs your notes seamlessly, enabling you to access and edit them anytime, anywhere.


Simplenote supports collaborative editing, enabling users to share and collaborate on notes with others, making it a useful tool for teamwork and shared knowledge.

About Simplenote for Light Note-Taking

Exploring More About Simplenote

Is Simplenote a good Bear alternative?

Although Simplenote may not provide the same formatting options as Bear, its simplicity, cross-platform accessibility, synchronisation capabilities, and collaborative features make it a viable alternative for users who prioritise a clean and intuitive note-taking experience.

Is Simplenote really a light note-taking app?

By eliminating unnecessary tools and features, Simplenote streamlines the note-taking process, making it effortless to create, edit, and organise your notes with ease.

Is my data secure in Simplenote?

Yes, Simplenote values user privacy and takes measures to protect user data. While note contents are stored and synced across devices, they are encrypted in transit and at rest. Simplenote also does not display advertisements or share user data with third parties, ensuring a more private note-taking experience.

Can I access my notes offline in Simplenote?

Simplenote allows you to access and edit your notes even without an internet connection. Any changes made offline will be automatically synced when you regain an internet connection, ensuring that your notes stay up to date across devices.

Is Simplenote a good choice for beginners?

Yes, Simplenote is an excellent choice for beginners due to its user-friendly nature. The app's simplicity and intuitive design make it easy for new users to navigate and start using right away.

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