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What is Polymail?

Polymail is an email productivity tool that helps you track emails, schedule messages, and manage multiple accounts in one place. With features like follow-up reminders, message templates, and contact profiles.

Polymail makes it easy to stay on top of your inbox and communicate effectively with your team. Whether you're on desktop or mobile, Polymail provides a seamless experience that enhances your email workflow and saves you time.

Best Features of Polymail

Here are some of the features you can find in Polymail:

  • Email tracking: Polymail lets you track when someone opens your emails, clicks on links, or downloads attachments.
  • Schedule emails: You can schedule emails to be sent at a later time and date.
  • Follow-up reminders: Polymail will remind you to follow up with someone if they haven't replied to your email within a certain timeframe.
  • Contact profiles: Polymail creates a profile for each contact with their social media profiles, job title, and other relevant information.
  • Message templates: You can save frequently used email templates and use them with just a few clicks.
  • Undo send: Polymail lets you retract an email within a few seconds of sending it.
  • Snooze emails: You can snooze emails to temporarily remove them from your inbox and have them reappear later.
  • Unified inbox: Polymail allows you to manage multiple email accounts in one place.
  • Collaborate with teams: You can share emails with your team members and collaborate on responses.
  • Mobile app: Polymail has a mobile app for iOS devices so you can manage your email on-the-go.

Is Polymail any good for teams?

Polymail is, of course, suited for those professionals wanting to manage email more efficiently - to be honest it is stacked with tracking, activity and collaboration functions that give it the abilities that marketing and sales individuals tend to enjoy.

Along with those in-depth features - it has snooze, send later and much more that you typically see in more advanced email tools, but offer you the functional abilities for daily email use, outside of work too.

Polymail Alternatives

Polymail is a balance between Superhuman and a more advanced email application that typically comes with enterprise solutions. It has some more abilities than say, Spark Mail, but doesn't go hideously further if you're an average email joe.


You can track an email from send, whether it was opened and downloaded or clicked - handy for seeing whether to annoy or leave


You can track an email campaign you send in stages, with data and analytics - perfect for marketing and sales pro.


A decent way to create a library of messages ready to send and bring up, similar to Superhuman snippets.

How Polymail Works

Understanding Polymail further

Does Polymail help with automation?


Polymail offers automated email outreach, meeting scheduling and elements to reduce overload on managing email externally. There's some neat features for managing a campaign, how's read and stage management - with analytics too.

Who is Polymail best suited to?

People who thrive with Polymail are teams focused in sales and marketing, one of the reasons is that it offers ways to seek how well campaigns went, tracking of email progress and managing email from a high level.

What productivity features does Polymail offer?

There's a few helpful functions like undo send - for quick email stopping, one-click unsubscribe - for clearing email that don't matter, send later - for scheduling emails. These are features some most email clients offer, but Polymail offer it in a more professional class tool for email management.

What are Polymail sequences?

Once you have set-up your email campaign, you can automate something called sequences which helps inside stages for automation to happen. Allowing you to see analytics and conversion for the people involved in the campaign, perfect for sales and marketing teams.

Can I use calendar in Polymail?

Yes and no. You can plan in calendar items, but this is in the form of scheduling links for your calendar - basically a page for planning meetings externally, a perfect match for an email management app too.

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