Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Stay organised and on schedule with Outlook Calendar. Sunrise calendar was acquired by Microsoft and weaved into the design of Outlook Calendar.

What's good about Outlook Calendar

What's good

  • Organisation
  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Integration
What's not good about Outlook Calendar

What's not good

  • Limited Customisation

Outlook Calendar Key Features

Outlook Calendar Key feature #1


Outlook Calendar provides a centralised location for managing appointments, meetings, and events. Users can view their calendars in different formats.

Outlook Calendar Key feature #2


Outlook Calendar allows users to share their calendars with others, making it easy to schedule meetings and coordinate with colleagues, friends, and family members.

Outlook Calendar Key feature #3

Microsoft Integration

Outlook Calendar integrates with other Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook email, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive, allowing users to manage their workflow more efficiently.

What is Outlook Calendar?

Outlook Calendar is a web-based calendar application that allows users to create and manage appointments, meetings, and events.

It integrates with other Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook email and Microsoft Teams, and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

The calendar offers a range of features, including customizable views, reminders, and the ability to create recurring events.

Outlook Calendar is a highly regarded tool for managing schedules and staying organised and offers many features and benefits to help users be more productive and efficient.

Key Features of Outlook Calendar

These are the key features of the Outlook Calendar:

  • Create and manage appointments, meetings, and events
  • Customizable calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Set reminders and receive email or pop-up notifications
  • Create recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Share calendars with others and manage permissions
  • Integration with other Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook email and Microsoft Teams
  • Syncing across desktop and mobile devices
  • Search for events and appointments by keyword or date range
  • Overlay multiple calendars to view schedules side-by-side
  • Add notes and attachments to events and appointments
  • View the availability of colleagues and schedule meetings accordingly
  • Create appointment blocks to reserve time for specific tasks or activities

Additional Information

Outlook Calendar allows users to share their calendars with others, making it easy to coordinate with colleagues or family members.

Other features include the ability to view multiple calendars, integrate with other Microsoft Office tools, and sync with other devices. Overall, Outlook Calendar offers a comprehensive set of features that can help users stay organised and productive.

Best Suited For?

Outlook Calendar is great for business professionals, students, and anyone who needs to keep track of appointments, meetings, and events. It's especially useful for teams, as it allows multiple users to collaborate on scheduling and view each other's calendars.

It is also a great tool for individuals who want to keep their personal and work schedules separate, as it supports multiple calendars.

Understanding Outlook Calendar

Learn about Outlook Calendar

Yes. Sunrise Calendar was embedded into Microsoft Outlook's design in 2017.

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