Neo Email Review

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Neo is an email experience designed for small businesses, but can it help yours?

Neo space booking scheduling

What is Neo Email?

Neo is a business email service for small businesses with a custom email address.

What does Neo do?

Neo wants to help you manage email better than Gmail.

Power features like read receipts, booking scheduling, calendar, contacts, priority inbox and more allow you to go further than Gmail, but stay away from the Google Workspace ecosystem. This experience is great for starting your business fresh with a custom email address or use the Neo space email provided when you get started.

Neo Best Features

Here's some of the things we liked about Neo:

1. Power Features

Read receipts in email apps is something you don't see as much of anymore.

Neo Email App for Business Users

Extending that Neo has calendar management, a way to bring in your Gmail emails via forwarding, contact management and a new booking scheduling system for reducing switching between application.

Email tracking is less common in email apps these days and many services like HEY email actively block these, but email tracking can be helpful to see when someone saw your email, clicked in a link and reduce overwhelm in their inbox.

2. A Growing Ecosystem

Alongside these power features, you can manage your contacts, organize calendar events and send out invites for people booking sessions with you making it much easier and removing the need to have a meeting scheduling tool too.

Neo Calendar App, Managing Events in Calendar

You also get something called one-page which allows you to create a micro-one-page website that you can send externally and add to your bio in Twitter (X) and add important links for later allowing for a centralised place, this is something

3. Low Cost

The experience is very low cost meaning you won't be paying huge amounts.

How much does Neo cost?

Neo's email service pricing starts at $1.75 per month, for the first year.

Prices updated January 2024. Pricing, Pricing of Email Service

Neo Email Verdict

Neo won't win awards as the Superhuman competitor.

Sending Emails with Neo, Titan Email

But it is a reliable email platform with a custom email address that many people getting started with email will find a great place for managing email with power features. Features like appointment bookings and one-page sites are huge bonuses to the management of the inbox, but the features like read receipts, anti-virus, send later and more are the gems in this app as it packs plenty within it for a steady and easy price.

Reliable and fast, this is cheap, handy email - what it says on the tin really.

Read Receipts

See when people open to email in Neo to get maximum impact.

One Page Tool

Create your own one pager to share on social and beyond.


Currently in beta, there's a way to book meetings without leaving Neo.

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