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What's good about Gmail

What's good

  • Inbox Tabs
  • Apps
  • Workspace
What's not good about Gmail

What's not good

  • Ads

Gmail Key Features

Gmail Key feature #1

Inbox Tabs

Managing your email can be hard but Gmail has a feature that offers tabbing for sorting your emails based on a type of email.

Gmail Key feature #2


Gmail offers a range of iOS and Android apps, including Android tablet too. It works well and operates speedily for many.

Gmail Key feature #3


With Google Workspace, you can upgrade to it and get Google Drive and many more tools all within your Google Workspace account.

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Alternatives to Gmail

Spike featured image

Communicate quickly inside email with anyone, like you're using a messaging app.

Outlook Calendar featured image

Use Outlook Calendar to stay organised and plan your time efficiently.

Missive featured image

Manage you and your team inside email - a popular tool with VA, teams and assistants.

Superhuman featured image

Superhuman is designed for those time-poor with emails and want to handle them.

Spark Mail featured image

One of the best all-rounder email applications on the market, with a solid design.

Polymail featured image

A modern email designed for working professionals with marketing-class functions.

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How Gmail Works

Understanding Gmail Further

Yes and no. The service is free to use. Gmail offers out ads and a platform around ads for businesses. Meaning your information is collated to make a profile around your Google account to advertise against.

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