Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal

The Five-Minute Journal App Review

Expand your daily journal entries with a system for journalling used by many millions.

What is The Five Minute Journal?

The five-minute journal is a guided journaling practice that can be done in 5 minutes per day to capture your thoughts, improve happiness, and reflect daily.

Who uses the 5-minute journal?

The Five Minute Journal app provides daily prompts to help users focus on positive aspects of their lives, such as things they are grateful for and ways they can improve themselves.

With just five minutes a day, users can build a habit of self-reflection and introspection that can lead to increased happiness and well-being by following the five-minute journal app system. In addition to daily prompts, the five-minute journal app also offers helpful reminders and quotes to inspire and motivate users throughout their day.

Key Features of The Five Minute Journal App

These are the key features of the Five Minute Journal Application.

  • Daily journal prompts to practice gratitude and mindfulness.
  • A clever journal system to track mood and feelings.
  • Introspective prompts to encourage personal growth and self-reflection.
  • Inspirational quotes and helpful reminders throughout the day.
  • Option to add photos to entries.
  • Ability to set daily reminders for journaling.
  • Option to review past journal entries and track progress over time.
  • Access to guided meditations and other self-care resources.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and as a web app.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use functionality.
  • A simple and effective way to incorporate daily self-care practices into your routine.

Who is 5 Minute Journal Best Suited For?

The Five Minute Journal app is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with journaling, self-growth, and creating a journal system that works for them

The prompts given inside the journal app make it easy to write down your thoughts and feelings, so if you aren't sure where to begin on your own, use a journal app like this to support your journaling journey instead.

Personal Growth

The Five Minute Journal app promotes personal growth with its clever journal system including prompts and mood-tracking abilities.


Go a step further with journaling by expressing gratitude and reflecting on your day with specific journal prompts with the Five Minute Journal.


Applications like the Five Minute Journal can motivate you to become a better person, learn more about yourself and change the way you live your life.

The Five-Minute Journaling Method

The Five Minute Journal app is a digital version of the five-minute journaling method, originally used with traditional pen-to-paper journaling.

This journal system offers daily prompts and helpful reminders to make it easy for users to incorporate this habit into their daily routine.

The Five-Minute Journal app also includes additional resources such as guided meditations and self-care tips to help users improve their mental and emotional health.

How To Create Your Own Journal System

Of course, if you prefer the pen-and-paper journal method you can create your own journal system based on the Five Minute Journal app techniques.

Start with writing about how you feel in the morning and choose three affirmations or gratitudes for the day.

Come back later on and reflect on how your day has gone, including a review of your mood. You can draw a picture of a smiley or sad face and go into more detail about why you felt this way and what you can do next.

From here you can do as you wish, write notes for the day, manifestations and more.

5 Minute Journal: Journal App

Understand the Five Minute Journal

Who develops the Five Minute Journal App?

The team at Intelligent Change, who craft the notebooks, are the creators of the Five Minute Journal app and directly align it with the notebooks.

What is The Five Minute Journal System?

The five-minute journal system uses principles of positive psychology in a gratitude journal format. With just five minutes of using this journal system per day, you can gradually change the way you think, feel and act.

What Other Journal Apps Compare to Five Minute Journal?

Other journal apps you might like that have a similar journal system are; Day One, Daylio, Daily Bean and Grid Diary.

Is The Five Minute Journal App Like the Book?

The Five Minute Journal App has been created to be like the physical journal Intelligent Change also offers. The beauty of the application is it's a lot cheaper, and it's readily available on your mobile to use when you need it.

Will a Journal System Improve My Mood?

Developing a journal system to suit your individual needs will over time help you understand your thoughts and feelings better, allowing you to face the world with a positive attitude, therefore improving your mood.

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