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Grid Diary offers a different way of journaling with its grid layout. You can see each prompt inside the squares and customise them. Grid diary gives you an overall view of your journal.

What is Grid Diary App?

Grid Diary is a digital diary and journal application for reflecting on your day, week, month and year. You can choose from a range of different prompts for different criteria to fill out in each square, for example, this may ask what you are grateful for, what you want to achieve and so on.

It's a simple tool with a fun and interactive way to begin journaling, you can also use stickers and templates, create multiple journals and use the markdown editor to write.

Grid Diary is for anyone who wants to journal, it's especially great for anyone who doesn't know where to start thanks to the prompts inside each square. It's also a quick and easy way to begin logging how you feel, expressing gratitude and just in general using a diary.

Grid Diary Pros - Different Way To Journal

Here are some of the best things about Grid Diary.

  • Grid layout - The grid layout offers a different experience for journaling, something you might like if you don't enjoy the traditional method. This allows you to see everything at a glance in one square space.
  • Prompts - Prompts are super helpful when starting journaling, you can customise the prompts for each square in the grid to make sure you are covering all aspects you want to write about each day.
  • Markdown - Grid Diary also uses Markdown, so you can edit the text, preview text, add images and more. This allows you to have more control and customisation over your diary entries, and it's fun.
  • Tags - You can organise your entries with tags so you can then search for tags and see what you have written, for example, you can tag workout reflections with #gym so you can reflect on your progress.

Grid Diary Cons - Maybe Too Different?

Here's some of the reasons you might not like Grid Diary.

  • Space - If you already enjoy journaling you might like using a whole page or seeing an entire page, with Grid Diary it's just squares so you can't see all your writing, it's all made a lot smaller.
  • Bullet points - Most of the time the prompts require bullet points, you dont always need to write in-depth entries about your day. So if you want to write pages and pages about your feelings, you might want to try a different tool.

Grid Diary Verdict

We like Grid Diary, it's great for anyone who wants an easy way to journal and create a habit of journaling, the week, month and year view is also great for setting goals and working towards achievements. So, if you are someone who wants to look forward, it's a great app.

Grid Diary Alternatives

If you aren't feeling up to trying Grid Diary, you might like these apps.

  • Timestripe also gives the ability to plan ahead, it kind of works more like a task manager, but you can also keep notes in there.
  • Day One is good if you want more space to write journal entries and add more features to each page such as locations, weather and web clippings.

Grid Layout

Grid Diary uses a unique grid layout, giving you a whole visual of all prompts and plans inside the diary.


Choose from a range of prompts to prevent writer's block.


Use Grid Diary as a planner by planning weeks, months and year.

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Answering Questions About Grid Diary

Can you create more than one journal with Grid Diary?

Yes, you can create more than one journal depending on what you want, you can create a space for planning, journaling, workouts and more.

Does Grid Diary have other themes?

You can change between light and dark themes depending on what suits you.

Can you sync your Grid Diary data?

Yes, you can sync the data from Grid Diary anytime.

What security does Grid Diary have?

You can set passcodes to open your journal when using Grid Diary so no one else can access the app.

What kind of templates does Grid Diary have?

Find templates for a gratitude journal, weekly planner, goal tracker and more.

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