Everyday Habits

Everyday Habits

Manage your goals and habits in a visual map of streaks

What's good about Everyday Habits

What's good

  • Visual
  • Streaks
  • Mobile
What's not good about Everyday Habits

What's not good

  • Limits

Everyday Habits Key Features

Everyday Habits Key feature #1


One of the best things about everyday is the visual nature of the colour-schemes as you track habits along their journey

Everyday Habits Key feature #2


Keeping up a pattern of your habit is important and this works so well inside Everyday with a good streak ongoing and record

Everyday Habits Key feature #3


Everyday is on mobile, both iOS and Android, this is help to have for quick tracking on the go for your habits

What is Everyday Habits?

Everyday is a simple yet beautiful daily habit tracker to help you visualise your streaks, stay motivated and break those bad habits.

You can colour coordinate and organise habits into groups, and see an overview of your progress from your total streak and completion rates. Everyday is available on the web and on your devices, you can sync the application and always have your daily habits on hand!

Use the web extension to look at your board every day to help to be reminded of your daily habits and to motivate you to stay on track.

Key Features for Habit Tracking

  • Progress Visualisation - See your progress on one board, stay accountable and track your habits using ascending/descending colours. The more you track, the prettier your board becomes!
  • Reminders - Receive emails to prompt you to perform a habit, you will receive notifications like “don't skip twice in a row!” because by doing this, you lose weeks of progress!
  • Web Extensions - Look at your board every single day when you open your web browser. This helps to remind you of the habits you are building and motivates you to stay on track!
  • Devices - Sync Everyday through all your devices to access and track your habits at any time.
  • Customise - Choose different colour schemes, organise your habits, and use descending colours to track habits you're breaking!
  • Measuring - See your current streak side by side with your longest streaks, total counts and completion rates.
  • Flexibility - You have the option to skip days if you're unwell, on holiday or if something happens out of your control.

Best Suited for?

This application is best for personal use, for someone who is trying to create new habits and not having much luck.

The web extension allows you to visualise your habits and track your progress every single day, so you always need to think about the goals you are wanting to reach.

Understanding Everyday Habits

Questions, answered.

Joan Boixadós is the indie maker behind Everyday Habits and based in Barcelona.

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