Balance is a work life balance app, creating a space to get things done, without burnout. Balance helps you check in and out of your work day to produce better focus.

What's good about Balance

What's good

  • Mindful Time Tracking
  • Focus
  • Work Life Balance
What's not good about Balance

What's not good

  • Limited Devices

Balance Key Features

Balance Key feature #1

Mindful Time Tracking

The Balance application creates a space for mindful time tracking. Here you can manage the time you spend working, and be sure to clock out to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Balance Key feature #2


Balance aims to create a better habit of focusing on work, getting things done, and being able to focus on your work life balance.

Balance Key feature #3

Work Life Balance

By spending more time focusing on important tasks rather than procrastinating, you can create a better habit of clocking out and achieving a balanced lifestyle.

What is Balance?

Balance is a time tracking app available for macOS that helps users manage their time more effectively and focus on work life balance.

Balance offers a range of features designed to help users stay focused and productive, including customisable time tracking, goal setting, and task tracking.

With Balance, users can set timers for specific tasks or activities, allowing them to work in focused blocks of time without distractions. The app also offers the ability to set goals and track progress towards them, as well as the ability to track and analyse time spent on different tasks and activities. Think of Balance as the old check in and check out of work punchers, this helps to humanize the process of time tracking and ideal for work life balance.

Additionally, Balance offers a range of customisation options, allowing users to personalize their timers and goals to suit their specific needs and preferences. Overall, Balance Timer is a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their productivity and time management skills.

Balance: The Best Features

These are the key features of Balance for work life balance:

  • Customisable timers for specific tasks or activities
  • Ability to set goals and track progress towards them
  • Task tracking and analysis to help users stay on top of their work
  • Customisation options for timers and goals
  • Ability to track and analyse time spent on different tasks and activities
  • Ability to pause and resume timers as needed
  • Option to set notifications and reminders for tasks and goals
  • User-friendly interface designed for ease of use

Importance of Work Life Balance

There are several reasons why work life balance is important and Balance is trying to be at the heart of work life balance with their time tracking app.

  • Improved health: Research shows that chronic stress from work can lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, and depression. Maintaining a healthy work life balance can help reduce stress levels and improve overall health and well-being.
  • Increased productivity: Overworking and burnout can negatively affect productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. By taking breaks, prioritising self-care, and setting boundaries, individuals can improve their productivity and efficiency at work.
  • Better relationships: A good work life balance can also lead to better relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. It allows individuals to devote time and energy to personal relationships, which can lead to stronger connections and greater happiness.
  • Greater job satisfaction: Maintaining a work life balance can lead to greater job satisfaction and happiness. When individuals feel that they have a sense of control over their lives and have time for personal pursuits, they are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work.

Is Balance a Good Choice For Me?

Balance is a good choice for anyone struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance.

It's also a time tracking app for managing and tracking all time based activities for work in one place. This helps to enhance the focus on task and is a hit for work life balance.

You can overtime create a better habit of focus, and clocking out at the end of your working day. Alternative include timers like Toggl, and popular pomodoro timers.

Balance for Work Life Balance...

Using Time Tracking Tool: Balance

Balance is designed to help work life balance, helping you focus on one task at a time by helping you track it. Features like break reminders, data tracking in premium and manual check in and out helps you to stay on track, but think more about your focused sessions instead of how many tasks you can do.

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