TeamGantt vs GanttPRO: In-Depth Comparison & Breakdown (2023)

TeamGantt vs GanttPRO

Let's look at these two gantt chart powerhouses and look to see which one is right for you and your team. Both of these tools are great gantt chart experiences.

Quick Glance: TeamGantt vs. GanttPRO

In this comparison, we’re examining TeamGantt and GanttPRO, each are a powerhouse in the realm of Gantt chart applications. Let's go deeper to identify their core differences and decide which one might suit you best for you and the team.

Both applications let you manage projects in a traditional Timeline view, enriched with several remarkable features and possibilities for lighter project management experiences like boards and list workflows.

What is TeamGantt?

  • TeamGantt not only offers a rich Gantt chart experience but also extends its capabilities to calendar lists, boards, and managing workload, with exclusive features like time tracking and estimating portfolio management confined to their premium packages.
  • TeamGantt isn't just a gantt chart experience but also extends as a project management software which people have grown to love despite the "gantt" focused name.

What is GanttPRO?

  • GanttPRO allows management of gantt charts, workload lists, and boards, with feature access subject to the plan chosen. It is renowned for its simplicity and orderly application and focuses on offering a reliable Gantt chart experience.
  • You can consider GanttPRO as project management software, but not in the same league as the likes of TeamGantt when it comes to this department, in our opinion.

TeamGantt Pros: The Wonders of Gantt

Managing Filters in TeamGantt Gantt View
  • Free Access: TeamGantt allows immediate access to the core Gantt Chart experience without any initial payment and even offers a lifetime free plan.
  • Focused Upgrades: The upgrades are centered around enhancing the project management experiences within the Gantt chart.
  • Pricing Model: Unlike GanttPRO’s per-user charge, TeamGantt charges per manager, at $59 per month per manager, providing access to 20 projects, unlimited tasks, and collaborators.
  • Managerial Control: Managers gain extensive control, allowing them to create projects, assign tasks, invite new users, and manage dependencies.

GanttPRO Pros: Great Gantt Chart Elements

Gantt Chart view in GanttPRO
  • User-Friendly: GanttPRO is structured and straightforward, offering solid features like critical path and baselines in some plans.
  • Viewing Options: It offers extensive viewing options and the capability to customize layouts, enabling detailed visualization of the Gantt chart.
  • Efficient Workload Management: GanttPRO excels in managing workloads to ensure efficient task management with set deadlines.

TeamGantt Cons: Missed Elements

Managing Tasks in Gantt Chart, TeamGantt
  • Not Full Project Functionality: Compared to applications like ClickUp or, it may only offer around 75 to 80% of their full functionality which for most project management teams, unless they centre their work around the gantt chart might not warrant the need to upgrade to a full project management software.
  • Trial Restrictions: Some features are only available for preview during the trial period.

GanttPRO Cons: Not Quite There

GanttPRO allows the use of other board views such as list and time log.
  • Limited Features: GanttPRO’s list and board experiences are somewhat basic, and it lacks the diverse project management experiences found in TeamGantt. We gave grief to TeamGantt, but the project management in GanttPRO is much further off.
  • Access to Core Functions: Many core functions like workload are restricted to the business plan which is a shame if you were considering for project management needs.

Summary: TeamGantt vs GanttPRO

Both TeamGantt and GanttPRO are commendable in their focus on Gantt Chart experiences, each presenting distinct features. GanttPRO provides a more classical experience with functionalities like critical path baselines and dependencies, while TeamGantt integrates task groups and baseline management features.

Managing Sub Tasks in Gantt Chart, TeamGantt

When considering deeper project management exploration, TeamGantt seems to have the upper hand with its diverse and rich project management experiences, whereas GanttPRO, though proficient in Gantt chart experiences, appears to be a bit lacking in its project management functionalities, especially concerning lists and boards.

GanttPRO team management workloads.

For teams aspiring to evolve with their software, TeamGantt might offer more expansive opportunities. However, thoroughly exploring the unique offerings of both tools is crucial to find your perfect match, and for any lingering questions, reaching out to their support teams is advised.

We hope this comparative examination aids you in discerning whether TeamGantt or GanttPRO is the more suitable choice for your endeavours. Below are the in-depth guides.

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