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Zoho Notebook

A notebook app for creating all kinds of notes and organise them accordingly.

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What is Zoho Notebook?

Zoho Notebook is a cool “pocket-sized” application for taking notes in multiple formats, allowing you to view and organise your notes in an interesting fun way.

This is a great application for anyone who enjoys capturing their thoughts and moments, it allows you to keep all notes in one place within their own custom notebooks. With Zoho Notebook you can choose from a range of note types; text, image, audio, sketch and more.

Within the sketch note, you can draw or handwrite notes, within the audio note you can record music or your voice and there's also one called Smart Cards. We will go into that… If you want to share your notes, you can do so easily.

Your notes can also be synced across devices.

Key Features of Zoho Notebook

These are some key features of the Zoho Notebook:

  • Multiple views
  • Sync across devices
  • Share and collaborate
  • Custom notebook covers
  • Add tags
  • Smart Cards
  • Various types of note-taking abilities

Best Suited For

This app is best suited for anyone who wants to add enjoyment to their note-taking.

Also, someone who takes a lot of notes saves a lot of links and feels the need to write everything down.It’s a great space to organise and visualise your notes to allow yourself to make sense of your thoughts, plans and even events.

If you're looking for an exciting way to capture everything you need and want, Zoho Notebook might be a good one for you.

Zoho Notebook Availability

Zoho Notebook is available on iOSZoho Notebook is available on WebZoho Notebook is available on AndroidZoho Notebook is available on WindowsZoho Notebook is available on LinuxZoho Notebook is available on MacZoho Notebook is available on Chrome Extension

Zoho Notebook Features

Customisable NotebooksDevice SyncingFlexible Note AbilitiesLess Intuitive Interface

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Understanding Zoho Notebook

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Is Zoho Notebook free?

Yes. The business model states they will never sell your information or present ads too. Allowing you to freely use Zoho Notebook for whatever.

Evernote or Zoho Notebook?

Evernote is much more of a fully fledged experience for notes - including tasks and calendar too. Zoho Notebook competes more with Google Keep as a lighter, almost post-it note like tool for managing your notes - and clipping things on the go.