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Julio Vera profile picture

Julio Vera

26th Mar 2024

Procrastination Punisher

2 Years of Usage 8.8 / 10

Pretty great app

Workflowy is an amazing app to work in. Unlike Tana and other outliners using it feels kind of Zen and adding stuff to it feels just like a breeze. It's excellent for managing your second brain, GTD or even an online BuJo (although I pair it with a physical planner because of my ADHD). The app......

Michael Ehling profile picture

Michael Ehling

1st Mar 2024

Workflow Wizard

5 Years of Usage 9.8 / 10

Fast & flexible

Fast, flexible, beautiful, and easy to use, WorkFlowy lets me and my teams do - knowledge management (team, PKM, Zettelkasten) - planning, - writing, - brainstorming, - project & task management, ...very well. Three stand-out features that make the magic happen: - Mirrors: like......


Jonathan Castro

29th Feb 2024

Project Manager

1 Year of Usage 9.6 / 10

Simple, effective

Workflowy has honestly saved me. You write something down, and another thought goes into the next bullet. Then another, and another. Before you know it, you've built out a list of To-dos, a regular spot to document thoughts, and something you can drag and drop and drop anywhere in your bullets. ......

Dustin Glendinning profile picture

Dustin Glendinning

29th Feb 2024

Productivity Potion Maker

5 Years of Usage 9.6 / 10

A better notebook

I've been using Workflowy for about 10 years. Don't think I can say that about any other digital tool in my life. Just the zooming feature alone is exactly how my brain works and worth the price on its own. But they have incrementally added new features and polish over the years that really make it......

Remko Smid profile picture

Remko Smid

28th Feb 2024

Workflow Wizard

5 Years of Usage 9.0 / 10

Frictionless, flexible and powerful

WorkFlowy is so easy to get into, but getting more powerful the longer you use it. You can create any productivity system you like, but it managed to stay lean and quick. Especially in comparison to many competitors that have tried to copy it and have become bloated with feature creep. Highly......

Cameron Pak profile picture

Cameron Pak

28th Feb 2024

Email Exorcist

4 Years of Usage 8.6 / 10

Most focused and simple productivity and note taking tool

If you have ADHD like me, you probably want a tool that works how your brain thinks. You probably don't want a ton of bells and whistles, because those are noisy and make you feel like you're productive, when you're really just wasting time optimizing something that doesn't actually correlate with......

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