Wellwork Overview

Wellwork is a mindfulness application that promotes a healthy work-life balance by helping you create a better-structured workflow to reduce stress and anxiety.

What is Wellwork and who’s it for?

Wellwork uses multiple features and tools in one place such as tasks and water intake to make sure you create a healthy balanced life even when working. The app helps to take control of your working hours vs. non-working hours to reduce burnout and make everyday life better.

This app is great for anyone who struggles to manage their work and personal life, and those who often feel burnt out.

Wellwork Features

Here are some of Wellwork's best features for promoting mindfulness during the day.

  • Water intake tracking - Hydration is key to having a healthy lifestyle, track your water intake with Wellwork by simply adding in how much you are drinking.
  • Start and finish times - Set start and finish times for your workday, this is especially helpful when working from home to make sure you have a healthy balance of work hours.
  • Time tracking - Use the timer to track how long it takes for you to do certain tasks, doing this also helps prevent procrastination so you can get work done sooner.
  • Task management - Add in your daily tasks here too, this means you dont have to switch between applications.

Wellwork Best For

Wellwork is a good app for those who work from home or remotely due to its work hours tracking system, it's also handy for tracking tasks in one single app. You do have to pay to use some of Wellwork's features to create a better work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance

Wellwork promotes a healthy work-life balance with start and finish times.


Wellwork is a simple and easy app to use that isn't too overwhelming.

Time Tracking

Use the timer to track how long you spend on tasks.

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