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Week Plan wants to help you organize your schedule, life plans & more.

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What is Week Plan?

Week Plan is designed to not only plan your week but act as a priority planner to focus on high-quality tasks and avoid burnout, promoting work-life balance.

Best Features of Week Plan

Week Plan allows you to do the following for weekly planning:

  • Set your vision ahead to set long-term targets
  • Assign specific goals you have in mind to overarch your use
  • Allocate task-level focus and assign them to goals that are part of your roles
  • Schedule them ahead of time
  • Use objectives to help break down tasks and your schedule

Week Plan Verdict: Worth It?

Week Plan allows you to think more holistic in their approach to task management.

Goal Planning In Week Plan

We'd typically recommend Week Plan for those who are looking to zoom out from their everyday productivity and task management, and get a higher level focus on your goals and objectives.

Compared to apps like Sunsama and Timestripe, the design isn't going to win any awards but using it to help plan your week, month and years ahead is a good more basic option.

Best Week Plan Alternatives

Timestripe and Sunsama are good Week Plan alternatives to consider.


Planning ahead with the schedule better helps you organize your workload.

Week Planning

Managing your time ahead in the week helps for better clarity of what matters this week.

Task Lists

You can still use Week Plan to plan ahead with lists and organize things for later.

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