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What is Walling?

Walling is a versatile application designed to revolutionise your note-taking and organisation process.

With its intuitive and visually appealing interface, Walling allows you to create virtual walls where you can easily organise and arrange your notes, ideas, and tasks. Seamlessly move and group virtual sticky notes, and add labels, colours, and images to customise your wall.

The app provides a flexible and interactive space for brainstorming, planning projects, or capturing inspiration. Collaborate with others in real-time, enabling seamless teamwork and idea sharing.

With Walling, you can take your note-taking experience to the next level, fostering creativity, organisation, and collaboration in one powerful application.

The Key Features of Walling

These are the key features of Walling

  • Organise ideas inside walls.
  • Collaborate with others asynchronously and via Zoom.
  • Add images, files and links.
  • Customise your walls using colours, images, graphics.
  • Colour code, use tags, highlight, create a visually appealing experience.
  • Use different board layouts for planning with kanban
  • Everything is there on one page, easily navigate through all notes and tasks.
  • Real time comments.
  • Vote on ideas using emojis.
  • Intuitive clean interface.

Is Walling a Good Choice For Me?

Walling is a really great application for anyone to get started with. If you are looking for a clean, user-friendly place to begin writing notes, sharing ideas and organising projects with your team, Walling provides a great space for this.

Alternatives to Walling include the likes of Milanote.

Organise Ideas

Walling provides a seamless place to organise ideas, tasks and projects. Customise your boards and colour code notes.

User Friendly

Users can being sharing ideas, writing notes and managing projects right away with this application. It's easy to use and easy to communicate inside the app.

Task Management

Many individuals and small-medium teams manage their tasks and projects with Walling. You can enter a Zoom chat to discuss notes and work asynchronously.

Beyond Walling

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