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Teamhood is another project management tool for collaborating with teams and keeping all relevant information in one space. Teamhood uses visual features such as boards to help projects and tasks move along.

What is Teamhood and who’s it for?

Teamhood is a project management and collaboration tool for teams to work on projects and tasks together in one place with all the information they need. You can choose different visual spaces to manage tasks such as list and Kanban, assign tasks, leave comments, create cards and more. Think of it a little like Trello but with more features and abilities.

Teamhood is best for teams who work remotely or need a space to collaborate. It's great for teams to visualise which tasks are next and to see all the information they need.

Teamhood Pros: Visual Planning

Let's take a look at all the best features of Teamhood for project management.

  • Visuals - Use different board views and lists to visualise entire projects and tasks for the team. Here you can manage who is doing what task and have an overview of the project's progress.
  • Easy to use - Teamhood is easy to use and any team can get started with managing projects here, you can even use a template to start with.
  • Time tracking - Teamhood has time tracking tools for making sure the team stays on track and projects are running smoothly.
  • Personal agenda - Use the personal agenda space to see what tasks and projects are on your list of things to do.

Teamhood Cons - Subtasks

Let's see what negative reviews Teamhood has gotten.

  • Subtasks - The management of subtasks could be better in Teamhood.
  • Attachments - You cannot attach files to comments on tasks, which would be a good idea for information management.

Teamhood Verdict

We think Teamhood is a good project management tool for getting started since it has a simple and easy-to-use interface for teams to start managing projects together. It also has a lot of features for managing projects such as time tracking and different views to organise and manage your own workspace.

Teamhood Alternatives

Here are some other project management tools you might like.

  • Hive - Another all-in-one space for managing projects and tasks with teams.
  • - This tool is best for client-based teams to track and manage projects.

Project Management

Teamhood is a great platform for collaborating on projects with your team.

Simple Design

Teamhood has as simple yet effective interface to navigate the platform easily.


Collaborate with team members on projects and tasks inside this space.

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