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Here's a little more about Spoke AI and what it does:

What is Spoke AI?

Spoke helps teams to build and launch faster with focused communication and powerful workflows that connect Slack, Jira, Notion and the rest of your stack.

What does Spoke AI do?

Spoke aims to be a more focused communication tool for managing Slack, Jira, and Notion as well as the rest of your communication stack. It unifies all of your communications and notifications in one application.

This is becoming really popular as many people are getting a lot of different messages across a wide variety of platforms, so an application like this is a great way to turn conversations into actual tasks for the team and almost act like a communication hub for everything that you're working on collectively.

Who is Spoke AI best for?

Spoke aims to be a solution for teams to improve their handling of notifications and ensure they are tracking all incoming ones.

Spoke AI, Team Communication Tool,

It is designed and best suited for those teams currently struggling with managing their notifications and who want to be able to coordinate them more effectively. Currently, Spoke AI is in early access.

Works with Slack

Spoke AI works with Slack to help fine-tune team communication

AI Technology

Focused on utilizing AI to better focus your team on the right notification.s

Works with Gmail

Spoke AI works with Gmail to help fine-tune team email comms

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