Slack is a team communication tool with video, audio, chat & more.

What's good about Slack

What's good

  • Huddles
  • Video
  • Integrations
What's not good about Slack

What's not good

  • Salesforce-owned

Slack Key Features

Slack Key feature #1


Managing a team chat without being on video? Huddles is something Slack created, much like Discord, for non-video quick huddles post-meeting.

Slack Key feature #2


Slack now does video calls - perfect for saving time, you can share your team and even send a-sync video messages to others too.

Slack Key feature #3


Slack has one of the largest libraries of integrations. Since Salesforce bought Slack this has expanded even further into a couple 1,000s options.

What is Slack?

Slack is a team communication tool, probably the most well-known one in the space.

Like Microsoft Teams, it is a great way to chat with teams members - even via video, screen-sharing and screen recordings for later. Slack have grown into a larger tool since they have been purchased by Salesforce and now offer a handful of tools to embed Salesforce into the workflow for those use the CRM tool for their work.

Slack offers threads for chat, a host of integrations and smaller, more recent features like Huddles for non-video calls post-meetings.

Key Features of Slack

Here are some of the notable features of Slack:

  • Organized conversations through channels for improved focus and collaboration
  • Direct messages for private, one-on-one chats
  • Threaded discussions within channels for organized follow-ups
  • File sharing within conversations for seamless collaboration
  • Integration with a vast ecosystem of third-party applications
  • Powerful search capabilities for locating past conversations and files
  • Built-in voice and video calls with screen sharing support
  • Customizable notifications and reminders
  • User-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and data encryption

Best Suited for?

Formerly Slack was poor with a-sync, remote teams - not like specialist tools like Twist, but now it has very much presented features like threads, a-sync recordings etc. to address that, Slack is a great all-round tool with more customisation than Microsoft Team offers.

Slack: Q&A Time

Understanding Slack further

Slack was acquired by Salesforce for a wild $27.7B and are the owners of Slack.

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