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Who doesn't know Slack. Well, maybe you if you've landed here. Let's give you a rundown of the basics of Slack and how it works as a popular team communication tool.

Slack Canvas and Slack Team Communication App

What is Slack and who's it for?

Slack is a team communication tool, probably the most well-known one in the space. The Slack Chat abilities are easy to use, and great for teams to start collaborating and working together. Like Microsoft Teams, it is a great way to chat with team members - even via video, screen-sharing and screen recordings for later.

Create a Slack Huddle to communicate quickly and effectively with your team, essentially, Huddles are for sending audio messages or direct messages inside Slack.

Slack has grown into a larger tool since they have been purchased by Salesforce and now offers a handful of tools to embed Salesforce into the workflow for those who use the CRM tool for their work.

Slack offers threads for chat, a host of integrations and smaller, more recent features like Huddles for non-video calls post-meetings.

Slack - using Slack Chat

Slack Features

Here are some of the notable features of Slack:

  • Organized conversations through channels for improved focus and collaboration
  • Direct messages for private, one-on-one chats
  • Threaded discussions within channels for organized follow-ups
  • File sharing within conversations for seamless collaboration
  • Integration with a vast ecosystem of third-party applications
  • Powerful search capabilities for locating past conversations and files
  • Built-in voice and video calls with screen-sharing support
  • Customizable notifications and reminders
  • User-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and data encryption

Slack Verdict

Formerly Slack was poor with a-sync, and remote teams - not like specialist tools like Twist, but now it has very much presented features like threads, a-sync recordings etc.

Slack Emoji Picker, Team Communication App

To address that, Slack is a great all-round tool with more customisation than Microsoft Team offers. So, if you and your team are interested in using Slack Chat and the Slack Huddle feature to increase communication efficiency, this could be a good choice.

Slack Alternatives

Looking for more Slack-like tools and alternatives:

  • Threads - a neat a-sync alternative for remote teams.
  • Twist - great developer Doist brings an a-sync favourite.


Managing a team chat without being on video? Create a Slack Huddle, much like Discord, for non-video quick huddles post-meeting.


Slack now does video calls - perfect for saving time, you can share your team and even send a-sync video messages to others too.


Slack has one of the largest libraries of integrations. Since Salesforce bought Slack this has expanded even further into a couple 1,000s options.

What is a Slack Huddle?

Interested in learning more about Slack Chat abilities, specifically Slack Huddle? Here's a little about it, and how to use it.

Slack Huddles are designed to facilitate spontaneous and efficient audio communication, fostering collaboration and real-time interactions within the Slack app. They are particularly useful for teams that prefer voice conversations for quick discussions or when it's more efficient to talk rather than type messages.

  • Starting a Slack Huddle: To start a Slack Huddle, users can click on the phone icon located in the top-right corner of the Slack app.
  • Joining a Slack Huddle: Once a huddle has begun, other users can join by clicking the "Join Huddle" button that appears within the channel or conversation.
  • Participating in the Slack Huddle: Once users are in the huddle, they can speak and listen to other participants in real time. This allows for quick discussions, brainstorming, or decision-making without the need for typing messages.
  • Ending a Slack Huddle: To end a huddle, any participant can click the "End Huddle" button.

Confused? This guide for Slack Huddles may help.

Slack: Team Collaboration Tool

Understanding Slack further

Does Salesforce own Slack?

Slack was acquired by Salesforce for a wild $27.7B and are the owners of Slack.

What is Slack chat?

Slack chat refers to the text-based messaging feature within the Slack app. It allows users to send messages, share files, and have conversations in channels or direct messages.

Can I use a Slack Huddle for video calls?

No, Slack Huddles are specifically for audio conversations. If you need video functionality, you can use Slack's separate video call feature or integrate with video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet.

Can I invite external users to a Slack Huddle?

Slack Huddles are limited to participants within your Slack workspace. You cannot invite external users who are not part of your Slack organization to join a Huddle.

How do I join a Slack channel?

Click the "+" button next to "Channels" in the sidebar and select "Join a channel." Enter the channel name or browse the available channels and click "Join" to become a member.

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