Shortwave Email is a fast email app with AI assistance and focus first features.

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Shortwave Email Review (2024)

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Shortwave Email is a clever email tool with AI assistance to provide a super fast and reliable place for managing email, managing your time, and focusing on tasks.

What is Shortwave?

Shortwave Email is a clever and super fast email client to help users manage their time, organize emails as tasks and stay on top of the most important emails.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

How does Shortwave work?

With Shortwave you can integrate your calendar to help schedule meetings, and use certain tools to streamline your time and organize messages.

AI assists in Shortwave Email and helps you create messages in your tone and style, making sending and replying to emails a lot faster.

You can also organize messages with tags and into bundles. Shortwave Email also has lots of handy features such as undo send, signatures, account support, and much more.

Best Features of Shortwave Email

Here are some of Shortwave's best features for super-fast email.

1. AI Assistance

Shortwave Email uses AI assistance to help users create a super fast emailing experience. With AI assistance in Shortwave, you can perform several helpful tasks to save you time and make life a lot easier.

You can search your entire email history to find the information you are looking for, this could be an appointment date, details for an event and so on. You can also maintain your style and tone of voice within writing by using AI to quickly reply to messages or to write your messages.

AI assistance also translates messages into your language, meaning you can communicate with others from all around the world. You can also integrate your calendar with Shortwave Email and create automated meeting suggestions to save time with scheduling.

2. Organisation

Next up is Shortwave Email's organisation and management abilities. Shortwave has extra easy-to-use tools that will make your email management, well, easier.

First up, you can bundle similar emails together, this helps with organising messages and helps you find messages a lot easier. For example, you can bundle all newsletters into one space to stop them from clogging up your messages.

You can also set specific times for emails to arrive in your inbox, meaning you can reduce email overwhelm and focus on tasks before having a ton of emails ping into your inbox. Block and unsubscribe from emails with just one click and auto-add labels to emails for quicker organisation.

3. Manage Tasks

Another great feature or ability with Shortwave Email is the fact you can turn your emails into actionable tasks. This further helps you manage your time and stay on top of the things you need to get done.

You can click and drag to reorder email threads to create your list of prioritization, this makes it easy to see the most important things at the top of your list. Quickly pin emails to the top for extra priority or hit snooze on threads you don't need to focus on yet.

Finally, you can also use markdown support and keyboard shortcuts for an even faster and easier way of navigating Shortwave Email.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

How much does Shortwave Email cost?

Shortwave is free with a $8.50 per month, per-user premium.

Shortwave Email Pricing Plans

Who is Shortwave Email for?

Shortwave Email is probably best for those who manage a lot of email coming in and out, and those who will benefit from the faster tools and AI to organise and reply faster to messages.

Shortwave overall seems to be a clean and easy-to-use email application, good for anyone who wants a change of scenery from Gmail and an upgraded system for emailing.

Is Shortwave Email Safe?

Yes, Shortwave email has blocked tracking pixels, this means it automatically removes anything invasive to your emails. The Shortwave team also prioritises users' security and privacy.

Does Shortwave Only Work With Gmail?

Shortwave Email does only work with Gmail email or Google Workspace accounts currently.

What is Shortwave AI?

Shortwave AI is the Artificial intelligence assistance built-in with the app. Free and paid users can utilise AI to help search through emails, schedule meetings and send messages.

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