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Rows is a spreadsheet and data management application available on the web, desktop and mobile. It uses integrations and AI to help users organise and create spreadsheets of data.

What is Rows and who’s it for?

Rows is a really clever spreadsheet tool that can pull data from integrations and uses AI to summarise data from spreadsheets and tables. Like Microsoft Excel, you can use formulas and filters to create a place to store and manage data.

You can create dashboards to hold all information, and to create a hub for teams to work from, this includes finances, sales, marketing and more. Each team can have their own folder full of spreadsheets and information.

Rows is for individuals who want a better way to manage their data in one place, or for teams who need an all-in-one hub for collecting and managing data together with the use of integrated productivity tools.

Rows Pros - Integrations

Here are some best features and pros for using Rows to manage data and create spreadsheets.

  • Integrations - Rows differs from other spreadsheet tools because you can use integrations to extract data from other tools and sources to populate spreadsheets and tables.
  • AI - The use of AI makes summarising and taking key information from data a lot quicker. A sidebar shows up with all extracted data from your spreadsheet.
  • Workspaces - Rows gives the ability to create workspaces for teams to use spreadsheets and quickly see data they might need for projects and tasks.
  • Filters and formulas - Use filters and formulas with the click of a few buttons to organise spreadsheets inside Rows.
  • Reporting - Rows also gives you the ability to create reports to share with teams, others and online.

Rows Verdict

We think Rows is a really neat alternative to the use of Microsoft Excel thanks to its AI, reporting and integrations. It makes creating spreadsheets a lot easier and less overwhelming. This is great for teams to work together and share data.

Data Organisation

Rows helps teams and individuals organise data in spreadsheets and tables all in one flexible grid.


Analyse, summarise and transform data quickly and easily with the power of AI.


Rows is different from Excel thanks to its many productivity tool integrations to enhance workflows.

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