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Analyse routines and habits with Routinery.

What is Routinery

Routinery is an easy-to-use self-care and routine application that helps users create their own healthy and consistent routine along with building new habits with the help of timers.

Perfect for those who need their routine to be easy to follow and manage, Routinery allows for the smallest things like taking vitamins to big things like writing a book.

Routinery is great for anyone in the family, especially those with specific health needs, or those who need to get on top of specific routines like hygiene and cleaning.

Key Features of Routinery

Here are some key features of the self-care and routine app, Routinery.

  • See celebrity routines for inspiration.
  • Use the routine timer to manage time better.
  • View your performance progress from routines and habits.
  • Use the recommended routines to get started along with suggested timers.

Who is Routinery Best Suited For?

Routinery is best suited for personal and individual use, it's great for anyone who needs some help sticking to new routines and building healthier habits. Routinery is easy to use, and the interface is also very clean and simple with little icons to represent each action. In terms of pricing, Routinery is around £3.99 per month.


Create routines for different parts of your day. Morning routines, nighttime routines, cleaning routines and more.


Add habits into your routines to build a healthier and happier lifestyle, these can be as small as taking vitamins.

Easy to Use

Routinery is really easy to use, it's recommended for those who struggle with maintaining or creating a healthy consistent routine.

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