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What is Qatalog?

Qatalog is a project management tool that helps teams to organise their tasks, assign them to team members and track their progress.

It also provides a calendar feature to help teams stay on top of their deadlines. With its intuitive design, Qatalog makes it easy to manage projects and collaborate with others.

Qatalog introduced a new way to organize your workspace, using AI — an interesting step forward for the productivity, and project management space.

Key Features of Qatalog

These are some key features of Qatalog.

  • Automatically sync your tasks and calendar
  • Customize and organize tasks with categories and tags
  • Get notifications and reminders for upcoming deadlines
  • Add tasks quickly with natural language processing
  • Create recurring tasks easily and quickly
  • Create tasks from emails, links, and notes
  • Add team members to your tasks, assign roles and responsibilities
  • Create checklists, add files, and embed content to tasks
  • Easily prioritize tasks and view your team's progress

AI Abilities

Qatalog uses AI to help you and your team work effectively and efficiently.

  • Smart Search: Qatalog's search function uses AI to understand the intent behind user queries and to provide more accurate results.
  • Predictive Analytics: Qatalog uses machine learning algorithms to provide predictive analytics and insights into team performance and project progress.
  • Smart Notifications: Qatalog's notification system uses AI to understand user preferences and behaviour, and to provide personalised notifications that are relevant to each user.
  • Natural Language Processing: Qatalog's chatbot feature uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand user requests and provide relevant information or assistance.
  • Intelligent Task Assignment: Qatalog uses AI to assign tasks to the most appropriate team member based on factors such as workload, skill set, and availability.

Best Suited For?

Qatalog can be used for any kind of team work. Remote teams, small teams, project-based teams. You can find and create a workspace that suits your business and professional needs with Qatalog - it is very adaptive to different work scenarios but might need skills to go in and fix the optimial set-up.

Qatalog is still in early days. They seemingly aways launch something in AI before tools like Coda and Notion as they follow suit faster.

More to come from Qatalog in 2023 we think.


Collaborate effortlessly with your teammates inside Qatalog using features such as real-time collaboration, comments and mentions.

Project Management

Qatalog has all you need to manage your projects and tasks efficiently, with the help of AI you can create a system that works for you.

Centralised Workspace

Having everything you need in one centralised workspace saves time, and gives your team a base to find everything they need.

Understanding Qatalog

Questions, answered!

Who develops Qatalog?

Tariq Rauf is the CEO of Qatalog, which he founded in 2019. The team has expanded out and the majority of the team are based in London, UK.

What is the difference between Qatalog and Notion?

Notion is more of an open-canvas developed around databases being "apps" for your workspace. Whereas Qatalog presents more of a traditional layout for project management but layers a way to ask their AI to build a workspace for you, to reduce the need to build from scratch. Notion as a whole is much more customisable with databases.

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