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What is Process Street?

Process Street is an AI-powered no-code workflow automation tool that's easy for businesses and teams to set up and begin working on tasks and projects.

With Process Street you can have a space for documents, so team members have a knowledge base, you can also use analytics to track team and project progress.

Overall, Process Street is a workflow automation tool that creates your workflow best suited to your team and business type, saving time and reducing possible risks or errors.

Key Features of Process Street

Here are some key features of Process Street, the workflow automation tool for teams.

  • AI workflows suited for the team and processes needed.
  • Automate recurring tasks to save time and not forget something.
  • Use analytics to track KPI and other progress stats for projects.
  • Share data and create a knowledge base for teams and documents.
  • Integrate with other productivity tools such as Slack, Airtable and Mailchimp.
  • Create forms with custom branding to use within automated workflows.

Who is Process Street Best Suited For?

Process Street is best suited for teams and businesses who need an automated workflow to speed up processes, track analyses and overall save more time for more important tasks.

Process Street uses AI, so you won't need to learn how to create a workflow from scratch, it will help you along the way, making this app not too difficult to get started with. In terms of pricing, Process Street is quite expensive, starting at around $1000 per year and increasing with upgrading and team members.

AI Workflows

Use ProcessAI to create streamlined workflows for the team to follow and reduce the chance of mistakes.


Automate workflows and recurring tasks to save more time.


Process Street uses different views and tools to track progress and KPIs.

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Process Street Workflow Automation Questions and Answers

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is the process of creating a sequence for how a task should start and finish, depending on your business this can differ.

What industries work best with Process Street?

Process Street can be used for a variety of teams and businesses, including marketing and customer support teams.

Can you make checklists in Process Street?

Yes, you can create and use checklists with Process Street, just create a template first, add in data and content then you're done.

Can I created automated tasks in Process Driven?

Yes, you can create automated tasks, just choose the criteria and what will trigger the task to be actioned.

Can I integrate Process Street with other tools?

Yes you can use tools like Slack and Zapier to further your task automation.

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