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PDF.ai is a clever and easy-to-use tool for chatting with documents. Many people use it to chat to documents for work, study, and life management, but is it worth it?

What is PDF.ai?

PDF.ai is an analysis chatbot tool that allows you to extract more precise insights from PDF and documents uploaded to it.

Who is PDF ai for?

PDF.ai is another AI tool for chatting with documents.

Yes, you can ask the document questions to help summarize, find out more information, and overall learn more about the document without having even to read it.

Using Chat Conversations with PDF AI

This tool is great for students or those studying new skills, theories, projects, and more. You can save a lot of time from having to read entire PDFs by just asking AI to summarise the key points. AI will even provide links and sources.

PDF.ai Best Features

Let's uncover the best features of PDF.ai and how it works:

Using AI to chat to PDF Documents with Questions

1. Easy to Use

During our review, PDF.ai was actually easy to use.

Super easy to use and easy to upload documents makes the process of getting started to be not too bad. You can then upload PDFs and start chatting with them which initially might seem weird but something that you get used to very easy with a way to see where the references are used throughout the document which makes good for proofing.

2. Fast & Accurate

We weren't expecting it to be as fast as it was.

The basic version uses, right now, GPT 3.5 which runs a little faster speeds than 4.0. AI will then quickly extract information and summarise the content for you to understand. This means you haven't got to read through the entire thing but can still gather a basic understanding. All in all, this won't slow you down when scanning documents.

3. Chats

Saving chats for later is possible with the chat feature.

Log all your chats by keeping them in "chats" - which makes this better for coming back to conversations you've had with your documents. This is a super helpful feature.

How PDF AI Works, Managing Process, Diagram

PDF.ai Cons

There are some bits we didn't like as we reviewed it:

1. ChatGPT Access

The premium version of ChatGPT allows for upload PDFs now. This is something to make note of when looking at PDF.ai, but they do specialise with features like chats and the Chrome extension in which ChatGPT does not.

2. Pricing

The software is free, but offers a very expensive premium at $10 per month with a limit of 100 documents uploaded. This is expensive if you compare it to ChatGPT which offers a $20 per month pricing for unlimited use of all premium features.

With the free plan you can only upload 1 PDF to the plan.

PDF.ai Pricing

Updated January 2024.

PDF. AI Pricing, How much does PDF AI cost

How much does PDF.AI cost?

PDF.ai will set you back $10 per user per month. Prices for unlimited access start at $20 and the experience does offer a free subscription too, with limits.

PDF.ai Verdict

PDF ai is a handy tool for those who use PDFs often and want to think smarter.

This will be popular with students, legal teams, working professionals as they look to save time reading through long documents and allow for faster and smarter learning approaches.

If you're not eager to use ChatGPT, then PDF.ai is the PDF experience you need.

PDF.ai Alternatives

These are not alternatives for PDF document and AI chatter, however, these are other AI productivity tools you might find useful.

  • Otter.ai - This is a transcribing tool for meetings, conversations and emails.
  • Bardeen.ai - This tool creates automation between tools to create a faster workflow.

Import PDFs

With PDF.ai you can import a PDF or add a link to a PDF to begin using.

Ask Questions

The main feature of this tool is you can ask AI questions about the document to learn more.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use PDF.ai to annotate and chat with their documents.

Using PDF.AI For Legal Documents

One of the features you can use is the "chat to document" function. This is touted on their site as a way to chat with anything including legal documents. You need to remain careful with this as AI in the current form is not suited to fully concrete legal advice.

PDF.AI using your account

There are also limitations in the PDF.AI plans - this shows you what the account looks like when getting started and the free plan limits you in many ways.

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