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Opal Overview

Opal is an intricate app to help you plan your day, improve your focus throughout and reduce screen time.

What is Opal?

Opal is a neat app for helping you focus, work around your schedule and reduce screen time. This app works by giving you a screen time report each day and real-time updates to make sure you stay on track with focus.

You can create schedules to follow throughout the day, this is a good idea for working from home or making sure you have a better work-life balance. Opal also uses Pomodoro timers to help with focusing on work and projects.

Overall, Opal is a focus app that also helps you reduce screen time, therefore improving your productivity and allowing you to get more done.

Opal Features

Here are some of Opal's best features for staying focused and tracking time.

  • Focus report - See clear metrics on how and when you focus, how much time you are spending on your screen and how much time overall you are wasting.
  • Real-time - Track your focus in real-time to see how you can make improvements for the rest of the day.
  • Block apps - By blocking apps on your phone you can reduce the risk of procrastination and wasting time scrolling on your phone.
  • Habit building - Over time you will be able to create a better habit for focusing whilst at work and reducing screen time.

Opal Best For

Opal is a great tool for anyone to use, you can also use this app with your friends to see how each other is doing with their focus and reducing their screen time.

Focus Report

Receive a focus report when you use Opal to tell you how much time you waste and how much time you can gain.


Get real-time updates throughout the day when using Opal.


Create focus sessions to optimise deeper focus for work.

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