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Oak Meditation Review (2024)

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Oak Meditation is a really easy meditation and sleep application to help users create a mindful habit of practicing meditation and sleep better at night.

Oak Meditation, iOS App

What is Oak Meditation?

Oak Meditation is a simple meditation and sleep app for helps users create a habit of practicing meditation through guided or unguided sessions.

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Who is Oak Meditation for?

Oak Meditation is a really easy to use app to get started with. Oak comes with helpful guided content or free open plan meditation for you to get stuck into. Timers are also helpful to help you self-meditate.

Oak Meditation is accessible to anyone, it's free to use and the app is easy to navigate, so if you are someone who wants to learn meditation but does not want to pay a hefty price, Oak could be a good place to start.

Oak Meditation Pros

What do people tend to like about the Oak Meditation application:

  • Simple - Oak is a really simple app, you can navigate around the app quickly to find a guided meditation or sleep sound you want to use. The sessions are easy to follow and the courses are helpful.
  • Guided sessions - Guided sessions are always helpful for those who are just starting their mindfulness and meditation journey, guided sessions help you focus on your breath and your thoughts.
  • Sleep sounds - Sleep sounds are really great for helping you relax before bed and drift off to sleep. These are similar to tools like Endel.

Oak Meditation Cons

Oak Meditation is a really good application for beginners to use, but what are the cons?

  • Basic - There are other applications for meditation that offer a more in-depth tool. Oak has few guided sessions, sounds and courses, but nonetheless, great for starting out.
  • Voiceovers - The voice you are listening to needs to feel nice and calm, some of the voiceovers on this app might seem quite robotic.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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Verdict: Should you get Oak Meditation?

Oak Meditation is a really attractive application that can be used as a way to do guided meditations or breathing exercises, as well as self-organized meditation.

It has some really simple designs that allow you to just get into meditating and suggests having simple sessions that are better for those who are looking for less intense guided courses, though they do have options for that.

The application is available through Mac and iOS, and it's one of my favorite meditation applications from using it for several years. The application is really well built too!

Oak Meditation Alternatives

There are tons of other meditation apps you could try, here couple of alternatives to Oak.

  • Headspace - Headspace is a very popular meditation tool with courses, sounds, sleep help and so much more.
  • Ten Percent Happier - Ten Percent Happier is the app created from the book, this app helps people learn how to meditate.

Guided Meditation

Oak Meditation is an easy-to-follow guided meditation tool.


You can use different sleep sounds to help you drift off to sleep.


The whole look and feel of the app gives off a very calming vibe.

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