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What is Nifty?

Nifty is a project management application for all teams of any kind, from developers to marketing. It's great for collaboration, sharing documents and tracking progress.

Nifty also allows you to build forms to add to automated processes, chat with your team via video call and all together manage projects and tasks with different views.

Best Features of Nifty

Here are some best features of Nifty, the project management app for collaboration.

  • Use roadmaps to set timelines for a better visual look on projects, you can also automate the next actions when a project or task is complete.
  • Collaborate on tasks, use the chat and video call to communicate and also choose different views such as calendar and Kanban.
  • Create documents and wikis to share with the team and keep them inside the knowledge hub so team members can clients can access information.
  • Integrate with other productivity tools, import data from other apps you have used and set automation between applications.

Who Uses Nifty?

Nifty is a neat project management tool for all kinds of teams to collaborate together, communicate about tasks, automate processes and track project progress. In terms of pricing, you can pay a fair price of around $5 per user or upgrade for more features.


With Nifty you can automate processes, forms and tracking to stay on top of projects.


Collaborate with your team via chat and video calls.

Knowledge Hub

Use the Knowledge hub to create and share documents and wikis to be used in processes or with teams.

Learn More About Nifty Project Management

Questions and Answers for Nifty Project Management

Can I use Nifty for remote working?

Nifty allows team members to collaborate and track progress, so yes, remote teams can benefit from managing projects with Nifty.

Does Nifty show project reports?

Nifty provides updated project reports that can be seen or shared throughout the team. Reports can also be automated when a task is complete.

Is Nifty easy to use?

Nifty will take some getting used to like with any project management app, however, its clean and streamlined interface makes it easier to navigate.

Can I start video calls with my team in Nifty?

Yes, Nifty supports team communication and collaboration with chat and video calls inside the app.

What are Project Portfolios inside Nifty?

Project Portfolios allow you to create a separate space for different projects and team members with their own tracking and progress reports.

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