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MindNode Review

MindNode is a mind-mapping tool to help users make sense of all their thoughts, random notes and ideas. It works by giving you a space to jot everything down, even using its quick add feature.

You can then go in and arrange notes, use tags and colours, connect ideas and turn your thoughts into clearer pictures with actionable steps. It's basically like a visual brainstorming tool with a nice interface.

What is MindNode and who’s it for?

MindNode is a really simple and easy-to-use mind-mapping tool for connecting thoughts and ideas in one space. This helps you make sense of your ideas, create a better picture of the steps you want to take, and therefore help you become more productive and achieve something that was once a tiny thought.

MindNode is good for anyone who has lots of ideas they want to make sense of. We all sit sometimes and think of good ideas but never turn them into anything. MindNode gives you a space to jot down ideas and then go back in to create something of them.

MindNode Pros - Visual Brainstorming

MindNode is great for mind mapping ideas, but what other good features does it have?

  • Visual Brainstorming - MindNode provides a place to brainstorm ideas where you can edit and change things when you want, unlike using a simple piece of paper.
  • Sharing - You can share, sync and export your notes with others, this means you can also print out your mind maps to help you visualise your plans in person.
  • Customisable - You can make your mindmaps super fun by using themes, colours and stickers. These features also help you visualise your plans better.
  • Feature-rich - MindNode has plenty of other features such as a space for tasks, focus mode for when you want to get a lot of work done, and quick entry for adding ideas.

MindNode Cons - Need To Upgrade...

MindNode is a great tool but what are the cons?

  • Upgrading - You can use MindNode for free, however, if you want to access all the features, and most of the useful tools for mind mapping, you will need to upgrade, luckily the upgrade isn't too costly.
  • Only on iOS - For now, MindNode is only available on iOS devices and Mac.

MindNode Verdict

We think MindNode is a really handy tool that anyone can start to use and get along with. It's great for jotting down your ideas and connecting thoughts to create a plan for a project or an idea you want to execute.

MindNode Alternatives

Want to see what other mind-mapping tools are around? Here's a couple.

  • Kinopio -Kinopio is another fun tool for mind mapping, it's web-based and you can also collaborate with others.
  • Lucid Spark - If you are looking for a more collaborative team-based tool, Lucid Spark is a great MindNode alternative.

Mind Mapping

MindNode is great for mind-mapping thoughts and ideas to create clearer pictures and action plans.

Packed with Features

MindNode has tons of features such as notes, sharing, stickers, tags and more.

Nice Interface

MindNode has a really plain yet sleek interface making the tool easy and enjoyable to use.

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