Memoiri Overview

Memoiri is a simple digital journal application, but simple for a reason. It provides a clean and easy space for users to journal their thoughts and reflect on their moods.

What is Memoiri?

Memoriri is a clean and minimal journal application for iOS. It provides users with a single screen to jot down their thoughts or write longer entries. You can also track your mood using emojis and reflect on your entries over time.

Memoiri wants to be your pocket companion for writing things down when you want to remember something, brain dump, express some deeper emotions and much more.

Overall, Memoiri is a journaling tool to promote self-growth through journaling, reflection and mood tracking in a really clean and minimal space.

Memoiri Features

Here are some of the best features of Memoiri for self-growth journaling.

  • Reflection - All entries are grouped by date and time, this makes it easy to go back through and reflect on how you felt. This enables users to think about what impacts their mood, to remember nice things, or to look back on how far they've come.
  • Mood tracking - Memoiri uses emojis to help you quickly track your mood for each journal entry you make, this is another great way to reflect on your mood and what makes a difference.
  • Streaks - Journaling is a great habit to pick up, it's a good way to practice mindfulness and self-growth. Memoiri uses streaks to help you build up a habit, you can also set reminders to journal daily.

Memoiri Best For

Memoiri is a good digital journal tool for anyone who just wants a clean and minimal space to write down their daily journal entries in a digital space. This app isn't overwhelming, doesn't have too many features and is just good for daily thoughts and mood tracking.

Mood Tracking

With Memoiri you can track your mood using emojis, over time you can reflect and see what impacts your mood.

Single Screen

Memoiri is a simple diary tool with a single screen, this provides an easy and less overwhelming experience for journaling.

Daily Notes

Memoiri encourages you to write daily entries, short or long because journaling is a great self-growth habit.

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