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Mailbird Overview

Mailbird is a powerful, intuitive and customisable email client. You can use AI, create your own workspace, sync emails and much more.

What is Mailbird?

Mailbird is a simple and easy email client that feels very familiar to Microsoft and is great for use with Windows. Mailbird has many additional features that make it stand out from other general email clients such as AI email writing, snoozing emails, speed reading emails and more.

Users can also customise their Mailbird account with different backgrounds, which makes the experience fun, you can also use custom sounds for messages, choose a dark or light theme, and even link it with LinkedIn.

Overall, Mailbird is another email account with extra features, differing from the likes of Gmail and Outlook, but it still has the same kind of look and feel.

Mailbird Features

Here are some of Mailbird's best features.

  • AI email writing - Use Mailbirds Chat-GPT integration to write high-quality emails much faster. Writing emails with AI helps speed up processes, and also assists with burnout.
  • Sync emails - Sync all of your emails in one place so you dont have to manage them in different places. You can instead manage all emails in one place.
  • Integrate apps - Integrate your other favourite apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Asana to create a better workflow.
  • Attachment search - Mailbird has an attachment search that helps you find things you received years ago. If you're looking for an old document just search for it and it will appear.

Mailbird Best For

Mailbird is a great email tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows teams to manage multiple email accounts in one place to provide a seamless and easy-to-navigate workspace.


Integrate your favourite productivity apps such as Slack and Evernote to enhance your workflow.

AI Email Writing

Mailbird has Chat-GPT integration to help you quickly write and send professional emails.

Seamless Interface

Mailbird has a seamless interface making it easy to navigate and work around.

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