What is Magicflow?

Magicflow is an AI focus app, it tracks what you're doing whilst working and what's distracting you along the way. From here you can work towards improving your habits.

Magicflow presents a different kind of tracking app since it also gives you feedback on how to improve your focus based on what's commonly distracting you during work.

It also uses features like an on-screen tracker, to alert you from being distracted by other websites, notifications and much more. This helps with motivation to focus harder.

Key Features of Magicflow

Here are some key features of the Magicflow AI productivity app for tracking your focus.

  • Use focus sessions to track what's distracting you.
  • Live flow timers to keep you on track and warn you of distractions.
  • See insights on focus sessions.
  • Pomodoro timers for focus sessions.
  • Context switches show how often you switch between tasks.

Who is Magicflow Best Suited For?

MagicFlow is best for personal use since it tracks your own focus habits, it outlines where your bad habits fall, allowing you to improve on them yourself with the help of the app. The annual payment of $8 is better than the $15 monthly fee, and worth it if you really need to improve your focus.

The app is easy to use, it's just a tool for tracking productivity so once it's set up, you can get to work and see how well you focus and where you need to improve.

Deep Work

Magicflow promotes deep work, meaning you can get more done, with less distraction over time by tracking your focus.


Magicflow goes a step further than tracking by also giving advice on how to improve focus based on your results.

New Habits

Create new habits with this AI productivity tool by learning over time your focus habits and how to improve.

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