Magicflow is an AI productivity tracker to help you focus better on tasks.

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What is Magicflow?

Magicflow is an AI focus app, that tracks what you're doing while working and what's distracting you along the way. From here, you can work towards improving your habits.

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How does Magicflow work?

Magicflow presents a different kind of tracking app since it also gives you feedback on how to improve your focus based on what's commonly distracting you during work.

It also uses features like an on-screen tracker to alert you to avoid being distracted by other websites, notifications, and much more. This helps motivate you to focus harder.

How much does Magicflow cost?

Magicflow does not have a free plan, pricing starts at $8 per month, billed annually.

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Suitable for deep work sessionsGreat for tracking progressTracking the sites and tools you've been onActs as an AI assistant for your timeMight be steep for useLimited availability

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