Lattice Review

Lattice is an HR tool for managing people, their abilities, meetings and more. With Lattice companies and businesses can make sure their people are performing well and being used correctly in the team.

What is Lattice and who’s it for?

Lattice is a tool for HR to manage people's performance, productivity and progress to ensure the business or company is employing the best people to help them grow and succeed. You can manage employee data, meetings, age, salaries and much more.

This tool is best for large teams who manage a lot of people in different areas of expertise. Lattice makes it easier to manage people in a cloud-based platform, especially for remote teams or companies that are spread across the globe.

Lattice Pros - People Productivity

Here are some of the best features of the HR tool Lattice

  • Boost productivity - Lattice will help teams boost their productivity by making sure each member is of a high level, is learning and is working their hardest at the job.
  • Grow teams - Lattice helps you grow teams by selecting the correct people for a specific task or project, you can see your database of members and select them here.
  • Employee culture - Create a healthier and happier employee culture by communicating with your people inside the app.
  • Compensation - Link compensation to goals and achievements directly inside Lattice to make sure your team members know they are appreciated and rewarded for their work.

Lattice Cons - Lacks structure

Here are a couple of cons for using Lattice.

  • Results-based - Lattice works on the results and data input onto an app, rather than in person, recognising qualities, skills and so on.
  • Unfair salaries - Sometimes it can be harder to set salaries based on abilities and skills. Competitive salaries are harder to justify based on the data presented in Lattice.

Lattice Verdict

We think Lattice is a great idea for larger teams that have tons of employees and people to manage. It means you can make sure you are productively using your team and helping to grow your company.


Lattice increases performance for teams and businesses by recruiting the right people for the job.


Use analytics and data to manage people in the team or area of expertise.


Lattice helps companies and businesses grow by choosing the right people.

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