InboxFreedom Review

InboxFreedom is an AI productivity tool to help clean out your inbox and consistently keep your mailbox clean and tidy.

What is InboxFreedom?

InboxFreedom is an AI tool for users to set up filters and automation to make sure their inboxes and mail stay consistently organised and clean. You may want to do this if you have tons of emails, newsletters and subscriptions coming in.

With a mailbox or inbox full of clutter you may miss important emails, but by organising emails into their own folders, archiving, deleting or unsubscribing, you can create a better more productive system to manage your mail.

InboxFreedom Features

Here are some of InboxFreedom's best features for keeping your inbox clean.

  • Auto-unsubscribe - This feature is so helpful for getting rid of unwanted newsletters that just clog up your inbox, just choose to auto-unsubscribe from certain newsletters and let InboxFreedom do the rest.
  • Groups - Sort your emails into groups to help you better manage them. For example have a group for work emails so you know not to miss anything important, you can also have a group for important documents to keep them all in one place.
  • No-code automation - InboxFreedom has tons of automation readily available but you can also build your own no-code automation to suit your personal preferences.

InboxFreedom Best For

InboxFreedom is a great app for anyone to use, we all have tons of unwanted emails and messy mailboxes. Having a quick and easy way to clean unwanted mail saves a ton of time and helps anyone focus better on important messages and their work.


InboxFreedom uses AI to create automation to unsubscribe from emails, archive emails and more.

Inbox Zero

InboxFreedom helps you organise and remove all emails from your inbox.


Create filters to automatically archive emails when they land in your inbox to avoid having to manage them later on.

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