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HubPlanner is a project management tool specialising in resource management so you can make sure you are getting the best out of your team, time and skills.

What is HubPlanner and who’s it for?

HubPlanner is a project management tool with additional resource management features to make sure the best people are working on certain tasks, that time is being well spent, and that money or the budget isn't being wasted. Hub Planner has tons of tools for managing tasks, team skills, reports and much more.

HubPlanner is best suited for teams with a wide range of abilities, you can manage individual skill sets to ensure the right people are doing the right task. This works well for remote teams with members all around the globe.

HubPlanner Pros - Resource Management

The HubPlanner app is great for managing and tracking projects, here are more best features.

  • Skillsets - Create custom skill sets for team members to make sure you always match the correct person for the right task or project.
  • Reports - Use dynamic reports to track the budget and progress of projects and how well your team are doing.
  • Time management - Use timesheets next to time schedules to monitor how smoothly the project is running.
  • Visual space - HubPlanner creates a visual space to see everything you need side by side to quickly and efficiently manage projects and teams.

HubPlanner Cons - Not enough project features?

Here are a few negatives for HubPlanner.

  • Less project focus - Because HubPlanner is more focused on resource management, the project and task tools slightly fall behind.
  • Fewer integrations - You cannot connect or integrate HubPlanner with many tools, making it harder to create a streamlined workflow.

HubPlanner Verdict

We think HubPlanner is a good tool for large teams who want to optimise specific team member skillsets throughout projects to make the most of each member and to keep in line with budgets, timesheets and more.

Resource Management

With HubPlanner you can make sure you are managing your team and resources effectively without wasting time or money.


With HubPlanner you can compare scheduling and timesheets to make sure the project is on track.


With HubPlanner you can generate and download analytics and reports any time to track project progress.

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