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Hello Ivy

Hello Ivy Review (2024)

Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives & Verdict

Hello Ivy has all the tools you need in one place to manage tasks, and projects and collaborate with your team. It's a simple and easy app with a clean and fast design. Only have the tools you need rather than feeling overwhelmed with endless abilities.

Hello Ivy for small fast-paced teams to manage tasks and projects.

What is Hello Ivy?

Hello Ivy is a projects and tasks software for working with your small team in a fast-paced environment.

What does Hello Ivy do?

It only has the tools you need, such as a place for documents and wikis, tasks, chat, files, and roadmaps and milestones. Hello Ivy aims to promote a happier team and work culture by promoting engagement inside an easy-to-use, zero-learning curve tool.

Hello Ivy is made for small fast-moving teams who just need a place to manage tasks, assign projects, communicate, and track progress with milestones and roadmaps.

Hello Ivy Features

Hello Ivy is an easy-to-use task and project management tool for teams, here's some of its best features.

  • All in one place - Everything the team needs is all inside Hello Ivy, meaning you dont have to download and switch between tons of tools and apps.
  • On top of tasks - Hello Ivy uses different views and abilities to manage tasks such as a to-do list, calendar view, timeline and today view for all tasks to be completed.
  • Collaborate - Hello Ivy has tons of ways to collaborate with your team, use the chat and groups, you can also collaborate through feedback and discussion boards.
  • Zero learning curve - Hello Ivy promotes a zero learning curve, meaning you can get started right away. It has a simple and fast interface with no confusing features.

Hello Ivy Verdict

This is a great tool for small teams who need a quick and fast-paced environment without any of the extra fluff that can come along with other task and project management tools.

It provides an all-around easy way to collaborate, share documents and manage tasks with the tracking of timelines and roadmaps.

Hello Ivy Alternatives

Other task and project management tools you might enjoy that also have an easy-to-use feel are.

  • Trello - Trello uses boards and workspaces to manage tasks and projects, you can also collaborate, it's great for smaller teams too.
  • Basecamp - Basecamp is an all-in-one place to manage tasks and projects and provides a different kind of birds eye view feel.

Everything You Need

Hello Ivy doesn't have all the tools, instead, it has just the tools you need to make managing projects less overwhelming.

Sleek Design

Hello Ivy has a really nice sleek interface and workflow, there's also no learning curve.


Collaborate with your team in Hello Ivy with chat, discussions, groups and more.

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Answering Questions About Hello Ivy Projects and Tasks

Can I use Hello Ivy on iOS or Android?

Hello Ivy is currently only available on Windows and Mac, but a mobile version should be coming soon.

Does Hello Ivy have a place for docs and wikis?

Yes, you can create and share documents and wikis inside Hello Ivy, this is handy for keeping important information about tasks and the business in one place.

Can you assign tasks in Hello Ivy?

Yes, you can not only assign tasks to others, you can set urgency and add tags to help organise and search for tasks.

Is Hello Ivy good for large teams?

Hello Ivy is better for smaller teams as it provides a simple and basic way to collaborate and manage tasks, larger teams might need more resources and tools for different teams and needs.

Is Hello Ivy free?

You can use Hello Ivy with up to three members for free, forever. You will have to upgrade to access other features if you want.

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