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Headspace is a guided meditation and sleep application to help users create a better mindfulness routine through meditation and soundscapes.

What is Headspace and who’s it for?

Headspace is an application for meditation and sleep. It has many different guided meditations for a huge range of needs from stress, studying, menstrual cycles and more. You can also find tons of sleep meditations and soundscapes to help you create a better sleep cycle.

Overall, Headspace is a very well-known and popular application for its guided meditations by professionals, you can also take part in different series and courses for managing emotions.

Headspace can be for anyone who wants to create a better routine and implement more mindfulness into their day through meditation. You can begin with just five minutes and extend your time the more you learn about meditation.

Headspace Pros - Huge Range of Meditations

Let's take a look at some of the best features of Headspace for meditation.

  • Courses - Take part in courses such as Managing Stress to help you learn different skills to add to your daily life. These lessons include movement, mindfulness, sounds, breathing and more.
  • Move mode - Headspace also promotes healthy movement and activity, use the move mode to follow movements like yoga, stretching and more to make sure your body is awake.
  • Focus - Headspace also gives you focus sounds and timers to help you feel calmer and more productive.
  • Meditations - Of course, there are tons of meditations available, even options for children, on-the-go, Star Wars and more.

Headspace Cons - Pricing

Now what are the cons of Headspace?

  • Expensive - Headspace is quite expensive to sign up for, however, it might be worth it because of how feature-rich it is.
  • Alternatives - There are so many other free or cheaper alternatives for guided meditation apps, it just depends on what kind of service you want.

Headspace Verdict

We think Headspace is a great premium service for guided meditation and sleep support. If you want to pay that amount to upgrade to Headspace it will be worth it in the long run when you have developed a routine and habit of meditation.

Headspace Alternatives

What alternatives are available for Headspace?

  • Simple Habit - A simpler and cheaper alternative to Headspace, still offering guided meditation and timers.

Guided Meditation

Headspace provides an easy guided meditation plan for any length of time, with different topics.

Sleep Help

Headspace also has a whole sleep section with soundscapes to help you sleep better.

Fun Interface

The whole theme and interface of Headspace is nice just nice to use.

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