Handle habits, collect items and make friends in this crazy habit-tracking game. This is the ultimate way to play with productivity with a game-based habit tracker.

What's good about Habitica

What's good

  • Customisation
  • Rewards
  • Feel
What's not good about Habitica

What's not good

  • Potential Distraction

Habitica Key Features

Habitica Key feature #1


Build your own worlds, your own task lists and your own systems all inside of Habitica to make the most personalised set-up for gamifying your habits and tasks.

Habitica Key feature #2


You can set rewards based on the weighting of tasks - perfect for building healthy habits and intensifying your focused habits and work.

Habitica Key feature #3


This is built very well. It feels like a game, much more relaxed than the systems you'll find in other habit-trackings in the same league.

What is Habitica?

Habitica is a game-focused habit-tracker.

You can track habits and tasks - but the unique difference is it is like a game, allowing you to create worlds, add rules, and build lists that are rewarded for each time you complete them. Collecting items and building your character's virtual journey is one of the key objectives to Habitica.

You can also connect with friends and others to build spaces together.

Key Features of Habitica

Here are all of the features inside this habit-tracking app:

  • Habit tracking and productivity app that uses gamification elements to motivate users to achieve their goals.
  • Customizable avatar creation.
  • Rewards system for completing tasks and building good habits.
  • Four main features: Habits, Dailies, To-dos, and Rewards.
  • Habit tracking with a +/- system.
  • Daily tasks that users want to complete every day or on specific days of the week.
  • One-time tasks that users need to complete.
  • Rewards include items or experiences that users can purchase with in-app currency earned by completing tasks and building good habits.
  • Social element allows users to join or create groups, participate in challenges, and compete with friends.
  • Available on the web and as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

A few years ago, Thomas Frank played with Habitica and explains it well:

Best Suited for?

Habitica presents a fun way to handle habits and tasks.

It could be viewed as something a bit more distracting from actual work, managing all this virtual world - when the world around you could be more pressing. But for many Habitica has given them an opportunity to structure their habits and tasks in a much more appealing fashion.

We wouldn't recommend this for everyone, but Habitica presents a great starting point for gamifying your habits and seeing what major tasks you can do on your journey too.

Questions about Habitica

Helpful answers on Habitica

Habitica offers a game-like habit-tracking app that allows you to track and account for habits with daily goals and even a lightweight to-do list apps. You can also earn rewards for checking items off - even gaining in-game perks like pets, armour, quests and more.

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