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Habitica might look like a kid's game but many million adults use this every day to manage their habit-tracking and better achieve goals, but is it right for me?

Habit Tracking, Task Management in Habitica

What is Habitica?

Habitica is a game-focused habit-tracker that turns habits into challenges to help collect weapons, armour & more.

What does Habitica do?

Habitica wants to be your habit tracker with a difference.

With the ability to collect XP, start challenges, collect items like armour, clothing and visual upgrades for your character, this is the ultimate habit tracking for those who loved the Tamagotchi or other grow your own type characters.

Habitica Getting Started

People really enjoy using it as a more fun way to manage habits and even track tasks.

What is the age rating for Habitica?

Despite the user experience, there is no age rating for Habitica. We'd likely recommend more for adults as you can interact with others using the light social media features.

Habitica Pros

Let's look at the best bits of the Habitica app:

1. Interactive

Habitica is really good because it provides a way to change your thinking on habits making them more interactive and fun versus maybe monotonous and boring over time.

Habitica Profile

The application bases many of the experiences between a combination of games, RPG type style games and classic care for your own characters. This is something that relates to a lot of people and make them want to keep track of their life using a 3rd party approach to their own life. Thinking about how to grow with the character can help by producing the same rewards in your brain to achieving your own goals.

One of the things that many people like in Habitica is that you can manage recurring, solo tasks and even schedule tasks for ahead alongside reward tracking.

2. Your Own Rewards

Rewards are one of the things in Habitica that help you align your focus.

Habitica, Add Your Own Rewards to Habitica

Achieve goals and you'll get your choice of reward based on the coin value of the tasks and habits completed. You can even, and something we most liked within our reviews, is the ability to add your own rewards and the coin value needed to achieve them.

This could be anything from 30 minutes on the F1 game, or maybe even a treat at the local burger joint, once you accomplish your core goals. This is a perfect addition for those who want to channel their focus and make the game more about them, even more so.

Habitica Cons

Here's some of the things we didn't like about Habitica:

1. Too Childish

For some people, Habitica could come across as too childish and over-complicated.

Habitica Habit Tracking Game

Whilst the application brings a level of fun and interactivity to managing your habits. Some people might find that it is over management of a habit versus getting the work done. This is something many people mentioned about management of Notion and the BuJo notebooks that people use to better manage their time, with stunning front covers.

But for others this won't be something that bothers them.

2. Statistics & Data

Habitica Statistics, Managing Your Success in Habitica

One of the things that many people like with apps like Habitify is data.

Large amounts of data and statistics help to give an insight into a habit and which one is succeeding the most. For those who use Habitify seeing the streaks, the exact day drops and the general success rate helps them improve their process with habits.

Habitica has a stats area but it isn't as informative as those other apps in our opinion.

Habitica Pricing

Updated January 2024.

Habitica Pricing PLans, Subscription

Do you have to pay for Habitica?

Habitica charges $48 per year.

Habitica offers a $9 per month, with $3 per additional member to a Habitica group.

Subscriptions give you access to gold, hourglasses, mystery items, pets and time boosters.

Habitica Verdict

Habitica is perfect for those new to habit tracking or those who need something that lifts their focus in the year ahead. Those who have tried other traditional habit trackers with no luck might like Habitica's unique and novel approach to making habits fun.

Habitica Store

Habitica doesn't need the subscription to really use, although you can create a group place to collaborate with others for a $9 per month subscription and $3 per member which makes for a focused group to get things done with others.

We loved Habitica, a fun playful way to handle your habits.

What is similar to Habitica?

Habitica alternatives are Habitify and Everyday Habits.

Is Habitica good for ADHD?

Habitica is perfect for all those who need a better focus, with a tint of fun. Many of those with ADHD have found Habitica to be a more interactive habit-tracker process.


Build your own worlds, your own task lists and your own systems all inside of Habitica to make the most personalised set-up for gamifying your habits and tasks.


You can set rewards based on the weighting of tasks - perfect for building healthy habits and intensifying your focused habits and work.


This is built very well. It feels like a game, much more relaxed than the systems you'll find in other habit-trackings in the same league.

Questions about Habitica

Helpful answers on Habitica

What can you do with Habitica?

Habitica offers a game-like habit-tracking app that allows you to track and account for habits with daily goals and even a lightweight to-do list apps. You can also earn rewards for checking items off - even gaining in-game perks like pets, armour, quests and more.

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