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Grammarly is a writing and communication assistant that gives suggestions for better writing, fixes spelling and grammar mistakes and overall helps users draft better work.

What is Grammarly and who’s it for?

Grammarly uses AI to help users write better. Whilst writing you will be given suggestions for fixing spelling, grammar, clarity, engagement and more. You can try Grammarly for free and edit your text on a basic level, or upgrade to receive help with changing entire documents from how you originally wrote them.

Grammarly is great for anyone to use. Students love Grammarly because it helps with writing on the go, teams can also use Grammarly in emails or when writing documents.

Grammarly Pros: Better Writing

Here are some of Grammarly's best features for better writing.

  • AI writing assistance - Grammarly uses AI to give you suggestions for using better words, grammar, spelling and more. Grammarly can even craft entire sentences for you.
  • Spelling and grammar - Your text with automatically underline if your spelling and grammar are wrong, so you can go back and edit your text when you are finished.
  • Delivery - Grammarly also helps you craft writing for the right context. For example if you want to send a confident message you can use Grammarly to help change up some words.
  • Team writing - Grammarly helps teams write with a uniform voice and correct spelling. You can share guidelines with the team and adjust settings in Grammarly.

Grammarly Cons: Sometimes Wrong

Unfortunately, with all AI tools and assistance, there can be mistakes.

  • Incorrect corrections - Grammarly might suggest a correction that isn't actually correct, so you still need to make sure you are checking your writing.
  • Not suitable for professional writing - It's best you dont use Grammarly for important professional pieces like documents or dissertations, just in case there is something wrong.

Grammarly Verdict

We think Grammarly is a great tool to use to keep on top of spelling and grammar mistakes, however, it is important to not solely rely on AI tools because mistakes can still occur.

Enhance Writing

Grammarly is used to enhance your writing with suggestions, corrections and more.

On the Go

Use Grammarly whilst you work or on your mobile.


Grammarly uses AI to give writing suggestions to create better content.

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