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What is Focus Bear?

Focus Bear is a productivity app designed for neurodiverse individuals, offering distraction blocking and smart breaks to enhance executive functioning.

What does Focus Bear do?

Focus Bear is a download on iOS in beta, Windows, Android & macOS.

Focus Bear helps users eliminate distractions across all devices, guides them through productive morning routines, and reminds them to take smart breaks, improving productivity and punctuality for individuals with ADHD and ASD.

Best Features

Feature 1: Distraction Blocking Across All Devices

Focus Bear enables users to block distractions across all devices, allowing for deep work sessions. Users have the flexibility to remove blocks in case of emergencies, ensuring productivity without compromising accessibility.

Morning Routines with Focus Bear

Feature 2: Guided Morning Routines

The app supports users in establishing productive morning routines through real-time guidance and distraction blocking. By promoting activities like meditation and exercise, Focus Bear helps boost focus throughout the day.

Feature 3: Productivity-Boosting Breaks

Focus Bear encourages taking breaks every 20 minutes to enhance brain and body health, with smart features to auto-detect meetings and avoid interruptions during calls. This approach supports sustained productivity and well-being.

How much does Focus Bear cost?

Focus Bear costs $4.99 per month.

Discounts are available for students and those experiencing financial hardship.


Focus Bear want you to be more intentional with morning gratitude and beyond.

Works on Phone

Allowing you to do the same on Android and coming soon to iOS.

Create Habits

Create a routine that works for you and blocking the sites you need.

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