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Focus Traveller

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Focus Traveller Overview

Focus Traveller is a mindful focus-timer application. It uses nice soundscapes to create a calm atmosphere and a Pomodoro-style time to track time when doing tasks.

What is Focus Traveller and who’s it for?

Focus Traveller is a Pomodoro-style timer application that also promotes focus and mindfulness thanks to its beautiful soundscapes and gamified interface. Users can set their own timers and watch their traveller go on their journey. You can then see your progress for time tracking and how long you have focused for that day.

Focus Traveller Features

Here are some of the best features for Focus Traveller.

  • Tasks - Set up your tasks and then set the timer. You can add any task you like, just type in your main objective then set the time and begin.
  • Characters - You can choose from a range of cute characters to use inside the timer app.
  • Data - See your focus data to manage how long you spend focusing on tasks each day, and to also help create a habit of using the focus timer to get more done.
  • Achievements - Gather badges along the way to reward yourself virtually for focusing.

Focus Traveller Best For

Focus Traveller is a great app for anyone who struggles to focus on tasks. This app is great because the soundscapes also create a calm and non-distracting environment to get on with your work.

Easy to Use

Focus Traveller is a simple app that anyone can use to track their time.


This app is gamified, making it a fun way to manage tasks and track time.


Focus Traveller has a calm and cute aesthetic.

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