Flock is a team collaboration and communication app for streamlined working.

Flock App Review

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Flock is a team communication tool with added collaboration and productivity tools.

What is Flock?

Flock is a shared space for team collaboration and communication. The biggest feature of Flock is its channels for communication. You can set up teams and different channels to talk within. For example, create a channel for check-ins and a channel for tasks that need to be completed.

You can also set up and hold video conferences with Flock, even sharing your screen to hold a presentation or to talk through an idea. Using video as a way of communication is a good way to engage your team and ensure everyone understands.

There are also a ton of other productivity tools you can use within Flock such as secure file sharing, shared notes, to-do lists and reminders. You can also use Flock within a suite of likewise apps for teamwork, or integrate with some of your existing productivity apps such as Zoom and Asana.

Best Features of Flock

So, what are the best features of Flock?

  • Team communication channels.
  • Organise conversations.
  • Add tasks to the calendar and set reminders.
  • Set up video and voice calls in the app.
  • Share screen from other devices during video calls.
  • Securely share files with team members.
  • Share notes, tasks and to-dos.
  • Connect with other productivity tools.
  • Use within a suite of team collaboration tools.

Summary of Flock

We think Flock could be a great tool for beginner teams to create a home base for team communication. The pricing plans for Flock are pretty good, with use for up to 20 members for free.

So, if you want to try out some new team collaboration and communication tools, Flock presents an easy-to-navigate and streamlined system.

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