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Float Overview

Float is a project management application that focuses on the work-life balance and the well-being of each team member. Put the team to best use in terms of productivity, skills and availability.

What is Float

Float is a people-first approach project management tool. It's a platform that promotes a better work-life balance within teams, meaning they can always do their best work when they're feeling the most productive.

Team members can manage their own work time, availability, holidays, appointments and more all inside Float to make sure the project will continue to run smoothly. You can also create a project workflow that takes into account all the tasks, team member availability and other productivity tools you already use.

Along with this you can also manage and track spending, timesheets and more. Overall, it is a project management tool where you can plan, schedule, track time and work together in a healthy environment.

Float Features

Here are some of the best features of Float for projects and people.

  • Team profiles - Team members can set their availability, their skills and more. From here you can choose the best person for each project or task to work on. This also enables individuals to set a reasonable work-life balance.
  • Capacity management - You can schedule and monitor your team's workload to track time, and progress and manage budgets.
  • Access levels - Set different security limits for team members to manage what they can view and access inside Float.
  • Integrations - Integrate Float with other tools like Teamwork, Trello and Slack to enhance your workflow.

Who is Float Best For

Float is best for remote teams or teams who work hybrid, this includes small teams to larger teams.

Float allows team members to manage their tasks and time allowing them to create a better work-life balance without burnout in one place which holds everything the project needs from the planning stage to managing finances.

Plan Projects

Float provides a people-first approach to managing projects to ensure the right people are on the job.

Manage Resources

Float allows you to properly manage resources to create the best plan for projects.

Track Time

You can log timesheets, track spending and more with Float.

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