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What is Fastmail?

Fastmail is a secure and privacy-focused email service.

This email application works for you and is there to serve you, it doesn't have any adverts or pop-ups. You pay for the application and its service, and that's all you get!

All your data belongs to you within this secure and private email platform.

People have been using Fastmail for years and love its simplicity and ability to create a safe emailing environment without too many confusing features.

Key Features of Fastmail

These are some key features of Fastmail:

  • Have everything you need all in one place. Import your calendar and contacts to merge with your emails to make organising easier.
  • Create additional email addresses to further protect your privacy when signing up for things, or giving out your information.
  • By integrating your calendar you can create events from emails and even share your calendar and collaborate.
  • Create secret and secure email aliases to protect your email account.

Best Suited For

Fastmail is best suited for individuals and organisations that prioritise privacy and security in their email communications.

It is particularly well-suited for professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that need a reliable and user-friendly email service with a custom domain name.

Fastmail is also a good fit for people who want to avoid intrusive ads and data collection that can come with many free email services.

Privacy and Security

Fastmail takes privacy and security seriously, offering end-to-end encryption, 2-factor authentication, and support for custom PGP keys.


Fastmail allows users to set up filters and rules to automatically sort and organise their email, saving time and reducing clutter.

Attachment Support

Fastmail allows users to send and receive large attachments up to 50MB in size, making it easy to share files with others.

Fastmail: Privacy Focused Email

How does Fastmail work?

Is Fastmail fast?

There's no statements of speed on the website. The focus seems to be around Fastmail's privacy focus and functionality - helping people to handle more.

Is Fastmail the only privacy focused email app?

No. Fastmail focuses on security of sending and accepting emails, but tools like Proton Mail and Skiff. Fastmail are focused on securing your privacy.

What standard features are part of Fastmail?

Fastmail offers a email experience focused around privacy, but also have a host of email features you'll see in other email apps like Proton Mail and Gmail alike. They are scheduled send, snooze, labels, undo send and customisation of swipes for managing email.

Is Fastmail free?

There is no free plan. Fastmail starts from pricing of $3 per month.

Does Fastmail track you with ads?

No, Fastmail is a privacy focused email app with no ads or email tracking within.

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