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Day One is a digital journaling application with plenty of editing and media abilities to create a journal inside your device to look back on memories.

What is Day One and who's it for?

Day One is a digital journaling application that allows users to create journal entries with all kinds of markdown abilities, such as different headings, bullet points, images, audio, location and much more. This allows you to really add detail to your journaling.

It's a really in-depth and completely editable journaling experience, great for capturing moments and memories you want to easily access on your device. Digital journaling is becoming more popular because it also allows for a paperless experience.

Day One is a great tool for those who take tons of pictures and want to create more of a lasting memory of their adventures. By adding locations, tags and weather reports, you can create a really lovely diary to look back on inside the memories feature.

Pros of Day One: Markdown Digital Journaling

Here are some best features for the digital journaling app Day One.

  • Powerful formatting - Day One has super powerful markdown formatting abilities meaning you can really create and edit journal entries with headings, lists, images, audio and much more. This helps create rich memories you can look back on and enjoy.
  • End-End encryption - Day One focuses on security and privacy so all notes and entries are protected with passwords or another method of entering the app such as Face ID. This provides peace of mind that no one can see your journal.
  • Chrome browser extension - If you find something on the web you want to add to your journal such as information about your holiday, you can use the web clipper to save websites directly to Day One.
  • On This Day - The On This Day feature will show you past memories to reflect upon, a nice feature to see your progress and relive older journal entries. You can set notifications to pop up to remind you of past times.

Cons of Day One: Do You Need The Premium?

Day One is a very popular tool for digital journaling, but what's missing?

  • Only for premium - Lots of the features for Day One are only available to premium users, you can also only add a certain number of entries per day with the free version. For example, premium gives you the ability to create multiple journals, something you may want to have to separate different kinds of entries.
  • Mental health support - Lots of other journal applications offer some kind of mental health or mindfulness prompts such as gratitude entries, or reflection sections. Day One is just for creating your own journal entries.
  • Is it too much? - Day One has a lot of features and abilities, including a calendar, a habit tracker for journaling, a digital book printing service and more. You might not want or need all of this if you just want to simply journal about your day with an image or two.

How much is Day One and is it worth the price?

Day One is free to use, or you can upgrade for $34.99 per year (averaging $2.92 per month). This pricing seems pretty good and accessible considering the amount of premium features you unlock when you choose to upgrade.

You can also do the one-month free trial to see if you really need all of the additional features such as multiple journals, Instagram importer, unlimited photos and handwritten journaling abilities with the Apple Pencil.

So, do we think it's worth it? I'd say yes. This could be the only journaling app you need to create lasting memories and records of your journals, all inside an app that syncs across your devices.

Our Verdict on Day One

Day One is a really good journaling application for those who want to switch from using paper and notebooks, it is also great for adding images and videos to add more detail to your entries. The app has so many features it could be the only journal app you need.

Digital Journaling

Digital journaling is easier with Day One because you can add images straight from your phone, and see your memories in one place.


Day One has a really simple, easy-to-navigate interface that doesn't feel too overwhelming.


Day One is a secure digital journaling application allowing you to add passcodes and Face ID to unlock.

Learn More About Day One Digital Journaling

How to Journal With Day One

Can you create more than one journal with Day One?

You will need to upgrade to premium to create dedicated journals for different topics such as holidays, life, work etc.

Can I use Day One on any device?

You can add entries and voice notes to Day One from different devices, for example you can add a quick entry with your Apple Watch the then update when using Day One on your iPhone.

Is Day One easy to use?

Day One does have lots of features and abilities, however the interface is simple and not too overwhelming so you should be able to get a hang of the app pretty quick.

Can I share entries from Day One?

Yes, you can export your journal entries including sending them to others, turning them into a PDF and printing.

Why does Day One have a calendar?

The calendar is just another way to look back on all the entries you have made, it also works like a journal habit tracker by inspiring you to fill in the squares.

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