What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is a business management app to help boost productivity. Suitable for freelancers and those who need a way to track expenses, invoices, contracts, and customer relations.

It provides an all-in-one space for everything you need including forms for collaboration, it also allows you to create custom documents that feel a little fancier, all inside Bonsai.

Overall, Bonsai is a freelance productivity tool for tracking finances, sending invoices, managing projects and creating a seamless and fast system for all the paperwork stuff.

Best Features in Bonsai

Here are some key features of Bonsai, the all-in-one freelance productivity app:

  • Manage client CRM projects.
  • Send invoices and customised documents.
  • Expense tracking and Accounting help.
  • Collaborate with others in the app.
  • Start with pre-built form templates.
  • Time tracking feature for work-life balance.

Who is Bonsai Best Suited For?

Bonsai is mostly for freelancers or businesses who need to deal with clients, send invoices, track expenses and things like that. Good for personal singular use, however, you can also collaborate in the app.

In terms of pricing, the app is quite expensive, and there are other tools available for less, you can always do the free trial to test it yourself. The app can be easy enough to use, you can get started with templates too.

All in One

Bonsai is an all-in-one tool suitable for all freelance productivity needs. You can send documents, track finances and sort accounting.


This is the part freelancers and business owners can find tricky. Bonsai gives help and advice for all accounting and spending needs.


Bonsai boosts freelance productivity by having everything in one place, sending contracts, tracking finances, sending invoices and more.

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Freelancing Questions about Bonsaid

Why is Bonsai good for freelancers?

Freelancers will need a space for tracking finances and are expensive to help with accounting. They also need somewhere to send and receive invoices and create contracts for clients. You can have all this in Bonsai.

Does Bonsai help with being productive as a freelancer?

You can save a lot of time using an app like Bonsai, this is because all finances can be sorted, contracts invoices and projects inside the app, you can also set up automation to speed up more processes.

Can I collaborate in Bonsai?

Yes, you can invite others to work inside Bonsai with you, to manage a project, create a document and more.

Is there any Bonsai alternatives?

Yes, Honyebook is one of them. Notion is also becoming a popular alternative.

Bonsai vs Notion

Bonsai is better for a dashboard with almost zero setup, minus hooking up services. Notion is more for the flexible, productivity natured individual but has more power behind it.

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