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Overviewing AI automation software Bardeen to help you reduce routine tasks.

Setting up Bardeen AI automation for scheduling events.

What is Bardeen AI?

Bardeen AI allows you to make connections between your apps, this helps save time switching between apps to save data, start meetings, and much more. You can use the ready-made connections you are given when you connect your productivity apps, or create your own customised automation to make a unique workflow.

Overall, Bardeen AI helps users automate actions and schedules between apps to help save time and speed up processes.

Best Features of Bardeen AI

Bardeen is an AI automation tool, here are some of its best features.

  • Bardeen AI creates custom automation for you, so you dont have to worry about creating your own, just add your apps and click to begin.
  • Use the builder to create custom workflows, just add the apps you want to connect and customise your own conditions.
  • Use the Scraper to extract information from the web to add to your data sheets.
  • Use Bardeen for a range of use cases, such as starting meetings, keeping teams in the loop and personal productivity.

Who Uses Bardeen AI?

Bardeen AI is great for anyone who uses multiple applications in their workflow, this could be a team or for personal use. If you are looking for a way to connect your apps automatically to save time, Bardeen could help. In terms of pricing, you can use it for free or upgrade to extra features. Bardeen is similar to Zapier.

App Automation

Use the ready-made app automation to schedule meetings, send data and more.

Save Time

Bardeen AI helps you save time switching between and updating data inside apps.

Custom Automation

Create customised automation to have a workflow between apps that suits your needs.

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Answering Questions About Bardeen AI

How can I create and automation in Bardeen?

Once you have added Bardeen AI to your browser, you can use the suggested automation or type in the action you want to happen, then the automation will be created for you.

Can I use Bardeen for individual use?

Yes, you can use Bardeen for personal productivity, just connect your apps and get started.

What is the Scraper tool?

Scraper allows you to take information from a website and automatically send it to another application. For example, you could take a web scrape and save it directly to your notes app with just a few clicks still inside your web browser.

Can Bardeen assist with meetings?

Bardeen will send a notification to all team members on the application you are using for meetings or via email, this makes sure no one is late.

Is Bardeen a Zapier Alternative?

Yes to some extent, although Zapier has been in the business much longer and has many more relationships/intergations.

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