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Aha! Review

Aha! is a product management tool for teams to create roadmaps from idea to delivery of their product. Aha! has everything in one place for brainstorming to product feedback.

What is Aha! and who’s it for?

Aha! is a clever software tool for building roadmaps from idea to delivery. Perfect for product teams to plan together in notebooks and whiteboards, to then craft a product roadmap from start to finish.

Aha! focuses on customer value, so reviews and feedback are integrated into the tool to help teams manage or craft a better roadmap based on what the customers want. Aha! Ideas give you a space to store all feedback, trends and more to help craft product delivery.

You can also use Aha! Notebooks to store all information, documents, and customer reviews and collaborate inside open canvases to brainstorm ideas and communicate.

Overall, Aha! is a tool built for product teams to analyse their customer feedback to create the best product roadmap for delivery.

Aha! Pros - Everything Product Teams Need.

Let's take a look at some of the best uses of Aha! for product teams.

  • Roadmaps - With Aha! You can create customised roadmaps to measure what your team is doing, which steps customers are on, what needs changing and to hopefully deliver your product successfully.
  • Ideas - Inside ideas, you can hold all customer feedback to measure what needs changing, engage with the community to get more feedback see what the customer really wants and analyse trends to integrate into your plan.
  • Notebooks - This is a handy space inside Aha! to craft collaborative spaces, brainstorm ideas and hold important documents for teams to use throughout the plan.
  • Develop - Connect roadmaps to strategy by creating tasks, assigning others and viewing everything in a board view. Here you can see the progress, track what others are doing and click and drag items across the board.

Aha! Cons - Can Be Confusing.

Here are a couple of common negative reviews for Aha!

  • Confusing - Some users have said the interface and range of views can be difficult to navigate and use.
  • Buggy - Sometimes the tool can be buggy when typing and adding new elements to roadmaps or notebooks.

Aha! Verdict

We think Aha! Is a good tool to test and try if you're a product team looking for ways to streamline your processes and have everything in one place. The ability to have all notes, development and roadmaps in one space is really helpful for teams to optimise productivity and get things done.


Aha! is an all-in-one product management tool, users can go from building ideas to delivering products here.


Build your own product roadmaps from start to finish with strategy plans, product feedback and more.


Create documents, collaborate on whiteboards and other tools to craft ideas, brainstorm and plan for your delivery.

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