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Zoho Sign Overview

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Here's a little bit more about how Zoho Sign works.

Managing Signatures in Zoho Sign, On Mobile and Desktop

What is Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign is an electronic signature platform for taking digital signatures.

What does Zoho Sign do?

Zoho Sign wants to be platform to help you manage and curate signatures.

One platform means you can control all of them coming into the system. Perfect for managing the flow of signatures, the document and how the signature is completed and the tracking of the status of the signature.

Workflows in Zoho Sign

Best Zoho Sign Features

Here's some of the notable Zoho Sign features:

  • Workflows - Save time by organizing the signing order and control who received what documents, making life easier as you optimize the flow of signatures.
  • Easy Document Sign - Simple and understandable for those who are signing externally or internally to grasp the concept.

Who is Zoho Sign Best For?

Zoho Sign is for those who want to create a clear system for their electronic signatures.

For those who do this as a team or company, this is the one-stop shop for signatures. Many people like Zoho Sign thanks to the workflows that are automated around the completion of a signature and extend into communication and next actions.


Remove the need for paper, with electronic signatures.

Cost Cutting

Saving costs on paper and physical wastage.


Automated workflows for every time a step happens in your system.

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