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Zoho Meeting is an online meeting software tool for teams to hold video conferences and collaborate when working remotely.

What is Zoho Meeting and who’s it for?

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting platform perfect for expanding remote collaboration within teams. Zoho Meeting allows for online video conferencing with a range of extra tools to boost the productivity of your meetings and presentations to your team.

You can use video or audio conferences if you dont want to be on camera. Collaborate in multiple ways using whiteboards, sharing documents, holding live polls and much more.

With that being said, Zoho Meeting is ideal for remote teams to hold meetings in an online and secure space. With the integration of sharing screens, documents and other collaborative abilities, teams can work together on projects and tasks efficiently.

Zoho Meeting Pros - Remote Teams

Let's take a look at some of Zoho Meeting's best features.

  • Online and secure - Zoho Meeting is an online platform with added security, you can lock meetings and remove participants and prevent them from regaining if you need to.
  • Record meetings - Not everyone can attend every meeting. Record your webinars or meetings to share and replay with other team members who missed out.
  • Collaboration - Zoho Meeting has many collaboration abilities through sharing screens, and documents, raising hands, asking questions and much more.
  • Remote teams - The entire Zoho ecosystem holds many tools for remote teams to work better together on projects and tasks, Meeting allows teams to talk in real-time.

Zoho Meeting Verdict

We think Zoho Meeting is great for remote teams who need an easy way to hold video calls or webinars with others. The ability to share screens and documents is also super helpful, and the fact you can record meetings to share with others at a later date.

Zoho Meeting Alternatives

Here are some other video calls and meeting alternatives to Zoho Meeting.

  • Mural - With Mural you can add elements to your meetings to brainstorm ideas and create strategy plans.
  • Otter AI - This tool will transcribe and summarise meetings to then share or keep in a knowledge base.

Interactive Meetings

You can launch audience polls, hold Q&A's and use tools like Raise a Hand and switch presenter.

Zoho Ecosystem

Zoho Meeting is part of the Zoho Ecosystem, a suite of tools for CRM and project management.


Zoho Meeting is easy and simple to use, teams of any size can use it to hold meetings.

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